7 Ridiculous Reasons We Can't Stop Obsessing over Rich Kids of Instagram ...


7 Ridiculous Reasons We Can't Stop Obsessing over Rich Kids of Instagram ...
7 Ridiculous Reasons We Can't Stop Obsessing over Rich Kids of Instagram ...

If you haven’t heard of Rich Kids of Instagram yet, get thee on Tumblr and look ‘em up! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this blog has been making waves and giving us a glimpse of exactly just how green and manicured the grass is on the other side. Many people, including myself, just can’t get seem to stop checking the blog to see what the rich kids are up to and so I came up with 7 ridiculous reasons we can't stop obsessing over Rich Kids of Instagram.

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We Love to Watch

For many years we’ve had a little obsession with rich kids and their wild ways, so stalking the Rich Kids of Instagram on Tumblr isn’t all that different. Remember "The Simple Life" or "My Super Sweet 16", plus the plethora of reality shows that are out there that allow us to take a peek inside the lives of the rich and infamous? Americans probably have a serious reality show problem and blogs like this just feed our voyeuristic tendencies.


We Want to See What Rich Kids Buy

The Rich Kids of Instagram provides us with updates on what the wealthiest “kids” are buying and flaunting, and as crazy as their impulse purchases are, we can’t get enough. Where else will you see Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos emblazoned on weapons, gold iPhones and pictures of receipts with thousands of dollars spent on caviar and drinks?!


We Want to See Their Not-so-humble Abode

Another reason why this became a Tumblr obsession for so many is that we get to see the awe-inspiring houses! The extra-large estates with their lux pools and lush lawns that the rich kids call home are all over-the-top, and the parties they have are even more extravagant than most people’s dream wedding! I'm talking beaches as backyards and cars in living rooms!


We like to See What Rich Kids Wear

The Rich Kids of Instagram also shows us the fabulous fashions of the super-rich. If you want to see the latest on-trend designer fashions and accessories around, check out the blog to see perfectly polished ladies and gents rocking the hell outta the most expensive clothes we’ll probably never own.


We Want to See What the Rich Kids do for Fun

When you live a lavish lifestyle such as the Rich Kids of Instagram do, there is plenty of fun to be had around every corner and we want to see it all. Where else can you see bottles poppin’ with sparklers, 100-foot water slides in front yards and swimming on rooftops in Paris? These kids know how to party no matter where they are and have no problem stimulating the economy around the world.


We Want to See How Rich Kids Get around

I think another one of the reasons people obsess over Rich Kids of Instagram is that we love to see the hot cars, private jets, and whatever other luxurious means of transportation they have at their disposal. It can be annoying to see a snot-nosed kid driving and flaunting a car that most hard-working people will never own, but at the same time, it's hard to ignore these crazy vehicles!


We Want to See if the Rich Kid Stereotypes Are True

The last of the reasons we obsess over Rich Kids of Instagram and why it keeps us interested, is that we want to see if the stereotypical rich kid behaviors are true. Do rich people really all congregate in the Hamptons and drink Dom Perignon? Do rich girls really have a never-ending collection of Birkins? We might not care if they’re true, but we’d like to see the proof if it is!

The Rich Kids of Instagram have certainly caught the attention of the masses and it continues to intrigue us. These days, oversharing is common and almost expected with all of the social media outlets we have available to us. What do you think of the Rich Kids of Instagram? Do you think it’s a guilty pleasure or proof of the decline of our civilization?

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