7 Handy Photo Bookmarking Sites ...


7 Handy Photo Bookmarking Sites ...
7 Handy Photo Bookmarking Sites ...

Photo bookmarking sites are a great way to keep track of interesting images you come across on the internet. These days there are many different image bookmarking sites to choose from. Choosing just which one you use can come down to a range of different things. It could be the website design, ease of use, or the social networking aspect. These are a few photo bookmarking sites worth taking a look at.

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Pinterest is probably one of the most used photo bookmarking sites around. Its popularity has exploded in the last year or so. With this site you can ‘pin’ all sorts of images and organise them by grouping them into different boards. You can also follow other users to see what other people are ‘pinning.’ You need to sign up to use Pinterest but membership is free and you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or your email address.


We Heart It

We Heart It is almost like Pinterest’s little sister, although it has been around longer. Looking at the website, which is predominantly pink, I’d take a good guess that the main target audience is young females. You can ‘heart’ a range of different images on the site as well as add your own. The images on We Heart It are usually more fashion and beauty related, and you can browse images by the top tags.



FFFFOUND is another popular image bookmarking site. The site tends to focus on art, photography, illustration, and design work. The site not only allows you to post and share images but also provides recommendations based on what you like and post. This website is invite only, so you’ll have to know someone already on it to score yourself membership.


Visualize Us

Visualise Us is a social bookmarking site for pictures. You can browse pictures by popularity or category. You can ‘like’ your favourite images as well as comment on those posted by others. Anyone can join and you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or an email address.



If you’re interested in design-related content then this site is for you. Many of the images on this site are focused on typography, photography, and graphic design. You can save images and organise them into collections. You can also search the site using tags or by colour. However, to join up you’ll need to request an invite as well as linking to your portfolio. If you’re not a member you can still browse the website for inspiration.



If you’re planning a trip or just have a constant case of wanderlust, check out the Trippy website. On Trippy, you can collect and share travel ideas, as well as plan any future travels. You can browse images by destination as well as see what your friends are up to. You can also mark photos as places you’ve been or where you want to go. To sign up, however, you do need a Facebook account.


Food Gawker

These days it’s pretty much customary to take a snap of your awesome meal before you eat it so you can share it with the World Wide Web. If you’re after meal ideas or are a recipe hoarder, then check out Food Gawker to bookmark all those delicious food photos and recipes. The site is moderated and allows only the best quality photos. All you have to do is browse the daily selections, ‘favourite’ posts that catch your eye, and click through to the original blog post for the full recipe.

Many of these sites have bookmarklets which you can download to your web browser. Then, you can simply save images by clicking on the bookmarklet as you’re browsing the web. What image bookmarking sites do you use?

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