8 Awe-Inspiring Nature Photographs to Boost Your Mood ...


8 Awe-Inspiring Nature Photographs to Boost Your Mood ...
8 Awe-Inspiring Nature Photographs to Boost Your Mood ...

It’s been rated as one of the best mood-boosters there is, and most people can’t get enough of it... so why do we see more photographs of drunken celebrities than inspiring nature photographs?! Next time you are feeling low, need a burst of inspiration or just want to admire something truly beautiful, check out the National Geographic photograph awards. There are just so many gorgeous nature photographs, and they are sure to make you feel amazing! Here are some of my faves…

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Innocence and Wonder

Innocence and Wonder Okay, so this one has caused some controversy, with many disagreeing over whether it ought to be included with the other nature photographs or not. One thing is certain – it’s one of those pictures that completely captures your attention. Taken in Moc Chau, Vietnam, this black-and-white snapshot was taken in January 2012. You’d never guess, though, with the photo lacking any modern touches, and the scene having a distinct memory-like feeling. What I really love, though, is the look on the children’s faces. Balloons seem to make kids endlessly happy – all over the globe.


Holiday Heaven

Holiday Heaven Dreaming of your next holiday? This picture of the Faroe Islands is sure to have you imagining the serene sea, and hot sun. The village of Gasadalur is home to 16 residents who had to hike or ride over a 400 metre mountain in order to reach other villages. Luckily, in 2004, a tunnel was built making the journey much easier. This image shows Gasadalur, with island Mykines visible in the background, on a serene and sunny day. And it makes a gorgeous computer background!



Isolation Do you like to imagine some time away, by yourself? The quiet, the peace, the relaxation – sometimes, being isolated can be amazing, even if it’s just to have a long bath. If you want something a little more permanent, check out this photograph. The gorgeous sky is lit up green above a lonely cabin in Norway, the perfect place to watch the Northern Lights. This is definitely on my bucket list!


Mountain Orca

Mountain Orca This stunning picture was taken half way up Mount Etna – and it wasn’t just the breathtaking views from the top that had people talking. Hundreds of climbers lined up to discuss the shape ahead, with black and white craters forming an almost perfect image of an Orca. It’s not just the whale that is impressive here, though, with the inspiring nature photograph also perfectly capturing the emptiness of a mountain, and the community feel of the climbers.



Penguins! There were plenty of images of insects, especially spiders, in nature competitions this year. My favourite animal image? This adorable picture of two penguins watching a seagull in Cape Town. I’ve never met a more adorable, inquisitive and naturally friendly animal than the highly endangered African penguin, and I can just imagine what these two were thinking! There’s plenty of captions that could be added, such as knowing your strengths, but even on its own this is one inspiring nature photograph.


Times Gone by

Times Gone by Another slightly controversial image, this shot of the street in Victoria could have been taken years ago. There’s a distinct Victorian feeling, from the gorgeous horse drawn carriages to the hazy sunlight and the bright burst of light through the trees. While some might say that this is too staged to be a nature photograph, it really sums up the personality and feeling of British Colombia. I love it!


Lonely Boat

Lonely Boat Isolated boats have always caused a splash in photograph competitions. They seem so empty without humans in sight… which is why this photo stands out. Taken in Piran, Slovenia, it captures a lone fisherman riding his boat back to the shore. I love the gorgeous colours, the rippling sea and the sense of peace – this is a photo I’d love to have on my wall!



Landing This last photo was a tough call. On the one hand, we have this gorgeous photograph of a landing eagle. You can see every detail on this American Bald Eagle’s body, and I love the power and independence that these birds show. On the other, there is this amazing photo of a snake. I love eagles much more than snakes – despite being a reptile nut – but this mid-strike image shows a snake curled up inside a chicken coop, feeding on the many eggs. That satisfied smile is just so rare to capture.

These are my favourite inspiring nature photographs at the moment – they are all so powerful and strong, in their own ways. They make great canvas’, backgrounds and cards, too, being a great way to relax and reflect. Do you have a favourite nature photograph? Have you captured an amazing shot yourself? I’d love to see!

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Thanks for sharing Kati - awe-inspiring indeed and certainly uplifting on yet another cold grey winter's day in the UK.

I love Lonely boat. It's so peaceful

These pictures took my breath away .

Really nice!!

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