7 Tips on How to Be the Perfect Model for Your Photographer ...


7 Tips on How to Be the Perfect Model for Your Photographer ...
7 Tips on How to Be the Perfect Model for Your Photographer ...

Have you ever had your pictures taken, only to not like something about yourself in the pictures later? Maybe you don't like the angle of your face or your eyes looked funny? Although it's true that it's your photographer's job to bring out the best in you, there are several things you can do to help the process. These 7 tips on how to be the perfect model for your photographer should have you model-ready in no time!

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Choose Wardrobe Wisely

The color of clothing you wear can make or break your photo. While white can make for some beautiful pictures, in some instances, it's best to avoid wearing white unless your photographer specifies you wear it. Also, avoid lots of patterns in your clothing. Instead, wear solid colors that complement your skin tone and bring out the color of your eyes. In my personal opinion, many shades of blue flatter almost anyone in a photograph. If you're not for sure what color would work for you, don't be afraid to ask your photographer what they would recommend.


Angle Your Face

Your photographer may naturally tell you how to turn your face or body, but if you already know how to angle your face properly, that will be one less thing your photographer needs to worry about. I've read suggestions of actually taking your own picture, turning your head at different angles to find your best, and that's ok if you want to try it. However, I'm sure you have enough pictures of yourself taken throughout your life that you could go back and pick out what worked better and what didn't. On average, a photo is rarely taken without a slight tilting of the head. One popular angle to do portraits from is taking it above the subject (which in this case would be you) so if this is the case, you definitely want to look up with your entire face and not just your eyes - just don't overdo the look-up. Portraits are sometimes taken from above to keep a double chin from showing or to just overall flatter the subject. Whatever the case, whatever the position, make sure you learn a good angle for your face.


Practice Facial Emotion

Sometimes, a photographer will ask for a serious look, and other times, maybe a look of contentment, rather than an outright smile. For some, these emotions are easy to achieve on demand, while others look as if they're mad. When a photographer says "serious" they don't mean "angry." Practice your emotional faces at home. A "serious" face is a relaxed face, free from a smile, and thoughtful. A look of contentment would be showing your happiness in your eyes more than in your mouth, though your mouth should have a slight hint of a smile present. "Wistful or longing" expressions are sometimes used as well, though these are more for those moments a bride is staring out the window or something of that nature. With a little practice, you'll be camera ready and full of emotion!


Study Classic Model Poses

Get online and learn what a professional model does to streamline her body, and position her legs. Learn the do's and don'ts in a modeling career and that should help you better your own pictures as well. Things like angles and poses come naturally to models like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Gisele and with a little research and practice, it will come naturally to you as well.



Posing for a camera might put you out of your element and make you uneasy, but you don't have to let it show. Just relax and pretend as if you're some hot shot model posing for a local magazine. Do whatever you need to relax and make posing easier. Not relaxing for a photo will show in pictures, that's for sure, but at the same time, don't relax to the point that you lose your posture. Just think, "I'm here to have fun and show my personality" and have a blast!


Flirt with the Camera

That may sound funny, but it works! Look at that camera as if it's a guy you've been wanting to notice you for a long time. You want to show a flirty side, a cute side that not everyone sees. Not only will this yield some great expressions for the camera, it does help to relax you and allow you to let go and have fun.


Realize Your Beauty

Who cares if the world wouldn't classify you as a beauty queen. You're beautiful just the way you were made and that's all that matters. If you're constantly thinking thoughts of not being good enough for the camera or about how ugly you think you are, your photos are not going to show the real you. For the photographer to capture the real you, you've got to own it. You've got to strut your stuff proudly, knowing that you're beautiful if your own way. Don't let the world's beauty standards make you feel as if you're not good enough. Be yourself, be beautiful and have fun!

With 7 tips on how to be the perfect model for your photographer and a little practice in your mirror, and you're going to own the next photo shoot! Who knows? You may be the next supermodel all because of one photo shoot you didn't think you could do! How is that for dreaming big?

Top Photo Credit: lauren lemon

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