7 Cute Film Cameras That Will Give Your Photos That Lo-Fi Feel ...


7 Cute Film Cameras That Will Give Your Photos That Lo-Fi Feel ...
7 Cute Film Cameras That Will Give Your Photos That Lo-Fi Feel ...

Film photography is enjoying a bit of a comeback and there are plenty of cute film cameras around. The big draw card for film photography is the lo-fi feel that most photos have. They’re not always crystal clear and sometimes there might be light leaks, but that’s what makes it all so appealing. Why add a lo-fi filter on a smart phone app when you can get the real deal with a film camera? Check out these cute film cameras that will have you wanting to give film photography a go.

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Lomography Diana Mini Camera

Lomography Diana Mini Camera As far cute film cameras go, you can’t beat Lomography for choice. The Diana Mini is a popular choice and is great for getting that toy camera effect. The camera takes 35mm film, which is pretty easy to buy and develop, and photos can be taken in square and half-frame formats. You can buy these cameras direct from the Lomography store or from ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon.com as well. Prices may vary so hunt around for a bargain!


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera If you love the idea of polaroids and instant photography, check out Fujifilm’s range of Instax cameras. The Instax Mini camera is one of the most popular versions and takes credit card-sized instant photographs. These cameras are great for parties and events, and photos can be shared instantly. They can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on where you buy them, and film costs extra (although my tip would be to hunt around on eBay for cheaper deals on film).


Lomography Fisheye Camera

Lomography Fisheye Camera Experience a different point of view with a fisheye camera. These cameras, which have a curved lens, give you a warped view of the world - almost as if you’re inside a fish bowl. Fisheye cameras are fun to play around with and are great if you don’t mind your photos coming out a bit distorted. They’re available for around $80 from certain retailers but you can probably purchase one for half that price from sites like Amazon.com.


Superheadz Ultra Wide Lens Camera

Superheadz Ultra Wide Lens Camera If you want a camera to reflect your mood, check out these Superheadz cameras which come in a range of colours. Whether you prefer punchy pink, minimalist white, or glitzy gold, there’s a camera to suit everyone’s colour preferences. These cameras have a wide lens and photographs usually come out saturated with colours and with vignette corners. They’ll set you back around $30 and you can purchase them from many online retailers.


DIY Pinhole Camera

DIY Pinhole Camera Take DIY to a whole other level with a one of these DIY pinhole camera kits. That’s right; you get to make a real working camera from scratch. I’ve made one myself and while it can be pretty tricky at times, it’s not impossible for novices to assemble! They take real pictures and use standard 35mm film. You can grab this kit from ASOS but I’ve also seen some for sale at Urban Outfitters and Photojojo for around $20.


Superheadz Golden Half Camera

Superheadz Golden Half Camera If you want something a bit quirky, try cameras that allow you to take more than one image on a frame. The Superheadz Golden Half camera takes half frame photos which means you get two images on one frame. These cameras use standard 35mm film and come in a range of designs. You can purchase them for around $45 from Amazon.com.


Lomography La Sardina Camera

Lomography La Sardina Camera The Lomography La Sardina camera channels the design of the humble sardine tin, although, these cameras are much cuter! These cameras come in all sorts of designs and new ones are introduced regularly. You can purchase one straight from the Lomography store or from ASOS and Urban Outfitters, among other retailers.

These cute film cameras would also make excellent gifts. Are you a fan of film cameras? Which of these film cameras would you want to add to your collection?

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