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8 Types of Facebook Photos That Everyone Hates ...

By Jessie

Sure, Facebook is a medium to share your life with your friends and family but where does one draw the line? Wondering what types of Facebook pictures annoy people the most? Read guest contributor Jessie's list to find out!

While social media has brought us many positive things, there are also a surprising number of drawbacks to the increased use of such networks in connecting with others. One of the most bittersweet features of social media is the ability to share pictures with everyone in your network. While it is generally nice to see what others are doing, it can sometimes get slightly irksome to see picture after picture of coffee cups and pictures of food (we’re looking at you, Instagram). But even those who stay away from Instagram are subject to certain types of photos that we regularly see taking over and can't stand anymore.

Table of contents:

  1. Concert pics
  2. A diary of a baby
  3. The newsfeed spammers
  4. The meme monster
  5. Couple pictures
  6. Mirror selfies
  7. The motivator
  8. Food

1 Concert Pics

We love seeing pictures of every song of that concert you went to! Oh, we don’t. They are blurry and dark, and I’m pretty sure you were moving when you took them. Also, we’re probably slightly jealous that we didn’t get tickets ourselves.

2 A Diary of a Baby

Okay, so one or two cute baby pictures are acceptable—we will probably even enjoy seeing how cute/hilarious they are. But we really don’t need a constant update of every step that your baby takes, and especially not every time they have their first bath/carrot/poop in the real potty. When it comes to baby photos, less is more.

3 The Newsfeed Spammers

And while we’re on the topic of less is more, that goes for just about every type of photo. No matter how interesting your life is, the chances are that your Facebook friends would rather see a little bit of everyone’s life, rather than just pages and pages of yours.

4 The Meme Monster

Some memes are funny; that’s why they become memes. But unfortunately, memes have become a monster that mean that just about anyone can turn a simple picture into an unfunny inside joke, an overly political message, or just something to annoy everyone who sees it.

5 Couple Pictures

As with baby pics, a few couple photos are nice to share with your friends and family. However, when you document every second of that weekend getaway, or upload each of your 100 awkward engagement photos, it might be a little bit of a couple overkill.

6 Mirror Selfies

Everyone has a front camera on their phone these days, there is no reason to be taking selfies in the bathroom at Applebee's. And while we’re on the subject of selfies in general, once again, less is more.

7 The Motivator

If you want to share your inspirational quotes with others, you are probably looking for Pinterest. Facebook is for photos, not that album of made up quotes from Marilyn Monroe.

8 Food

If you want food pictures, you are probably looking for Instagram. If you are on Facebook, get your dinner off my newsfeed. Side note: have you ever thought about how ridiculous you probably look while taking that picture of your dinner in the restaurant?

We all love sharing our pictures across our social networks for our friends and family. It's better than a mass email and easier than a blog. But for everyone else's sake, let's all try to keep the cliche ones to a minimum. At least until we can make a new list of the types of photos that everyone loves to hate.

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