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I have three boys, one who is a Boy Scout, one who is a Cub Scout and one who is almost old enough to join Scouts, so that means I have Scout memorabilia all over my house. Granted, it's not as old as some of the items on this list, but fun all the same. Were you ever a Girl Scout or Boy Scout? If so, you are going to get a kick out of this Scout memorabilia. Let me know what memories they bring back for you.

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Cub Scouts Shadow Box

Cub Scouts Shadow Box Via Scouts
I'm collecting all of my boys' Scout memorabilia so that one day I can make them something cool like this.


This Cub Scouts Shadow Box is a great way to store and display all of your boy's Scouting memorabilia. The box is made from wood and features a glass top, making it perfect for displaying items like patches, awards, and other Scouting mementos. Inside the box, there are several compartments for organizing items, as well as a hinged lid for easy access.

The idea of a shadow box is to honor and preserve the memories of the Scouts' achievements. This box is a perfect way to do just that. It's also a great way to show off the accomplishments of the Scouts and to remind them of the importance of hard work and dedication.

Scouting is a great way for kids to learn valuable life skills, such as teamwork and leadership. It's also a great way to foster a sense of community and to develop relationships that can last a lifetime. This shadow box is a great way to celebrate the memories of a lifetime of Scouting.


Patches, Belt Loops and Pins

Patches, Belt Loops and Pins Via Fun Ideas
This is such a great way to display all of the achievements that a Scout earns through the years. It would work for a Girl Scout too.


Remember the sense of pride in each new addition, whether it was a patch signifying mastery of a skill, a loop won on a belt for participation in events, or the pin earned for exceptional achievement. Scouts would display these with honor on their sashes, vests, or banners, creating a vibrant tapestry of their scouting journey. Parents and mentors would beam with pride at each ceremony, as these small but significant tokens not only represented new competencies and experiences but also character development and personal growth. Collecting and cherishing these emblems became a cherished tradition, a visual chronicle of adventures and lessons learned.


Uniform Display

Uniform Display Via Preserving the Past, Enriching the ...
A nice frame is also a neat way to commemorate an entire uniform once a Scout is done with it.


Scout Quilt

Scout Quilt Via Custom Order for Angelique Boy ...
Use all of your Scout's (or your own) t-shirts and outgrown uniforms to make a fun memory quilt like this one.


Shadow Box of Eagle Scout Awards and Memorabilia

Shadow Box of Eagle Scout Awards and Memorabilia Via For When He's An Eagle ...
Earning an Eagle Scout is one of biggest achievements of a Boy Scout's life. What a great way to commemorate that.


The Eagle Scout Award is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America and is awarded to those who have achieved a high level of excellence in their scouting career. It is a great honor to receive and an even greater honor to be recognized for it.

To commemorate this achievement, many Eagle Scouts choose to display their awards and memorabilia in a shadow box. This is a great way to proudly display the awards and memorabilia that are the result of years of hard work and dedication to the scouting program.

The shadow box typically contains the Eagle Scout Award itself, along with other awards and memorabilia that the scout has earned while in the program. This could include merit badges, certificates of achievement, photographs, and other items that the scout has collected during their time in the program.

In addition to the awards and memorabilia, many Eagle Scouts choose to add personal touches to their shadow box. This could include a personalized plaque or a display of the Eagle Scout’s name and the date they earned the award.


Preserving Cub Scout Shirts

Preserving Cub Scout Shirts Via Preserving the Past, Enriching the ...
Cub Scouts are so cute! Framing the uniform from their early years will be a great memory for parents. Same with Daisies or Brownies.


Table Display

Table Display Via Pictures
No matter what event a Scout troop is having, a great table display can make or break it. Use something like this for a join night, awards banquet or even a fundraiser.


Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Eagle Scout Court of Honor Via Eagle Court of Honor
I've been to several Court of Honor events and it's just as much fun for parents as it is for the boys (or girls).


Woodbadge Card

Woodbadge Card Via qrendiscouts.org
Obviously, this is old. I don't know how old, but this guy is the one who started the idea of Boy Scouts. Thank goodness too, because it's a great thing for boys of all ages.


1965 Boy Scout Handbook

1965 Boy Scout Handbook Via 1965 Boy Scout Handbook
Cool huh? Do you still have your Scout handbook? I might have my Girl Scout one lying around somewhere. Maybe I'll go find it.


Vintage Brownie Girl Scout Locket

Vintage Brownie Girl Scout Locket Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I didn't get one of these when I was a Brownie, but I sure wish I did.


Scout Cake

Scout Cake Via On My Honor
I so wish I could make a cake that looks this awesome!


Girl Scout Barbie and Skipper

Girl Scout Barbie and Skipper Via Handcrafted outfit and furniture ideas ...
Barbie and her friends can be pretty much anything their makers dream up, and that includes Girl Scouts.


With the Sash

With the Sash Via Jean Pope Gallery
I just bought my oldest Scout his first sash and it is now adorned with two merit badges. With many more to come.


Celebrating Juliette Gordon

Celebrating Juliette Gordon Via infobarrel.com
Many girls got to enjoy all the wonder of Girl Scouts during their younger years. What fun!


Rare Vintage Girl Scouts Green Wool Swimwear

Rare Vintage Girl Scouts Green Wool Swimwear Via Rare Vintage Girl Scouts Green ...
I did not know that the Girl Scouts had their own swimwear. Pretty cool, don't you think?


Vintage 1960' Brownie Scouts

Vintage 1960' Brownie Scouts Via SALE VINTAGE GIRL Scout Wallet ...
Does anyone know what these were used for? They weren't in use anymore when I was a Brownie.

These are just a few examples of Scout memorabilia that exists. There are many more, including Girl Scout uniforms, pinewood derby cars and the cookies and popcorn that Scouts sell every year. Do you have any left from your years as a Scout? What is it?

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The GS wallet was just that, a wallet (more like coin wallet). It went on your belt and you could bring your troop dues in it or keep your membership card in it. Dues when I was in,was a quarter at each meeting. We were all given membership cards for the current GS year also, about business card size.

I had them. They were hung from your belt to hold your dues money.

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