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7 Fun Science Websites That We Can't Get Enough of ...

By Corina

If you’re looking for a list of fun science websites, then you’ve come to the right place. Science websites are some of the most popular websites out there. If you don’t think that there is fun in science, then you should take a look at its other side, the less serious and factual one. Science is made by humans and just like any other complex and diverse thing humans have created, it reflects the minds behind it. These websites will help you discover the puzzling, surprising and fun side of science. Here are 7 fun science websites that we can’t get enough of:


This is one of the most interesting and fun science websites out there. In this case PhD stands for Piled, Higher and Deeper and it’s basically “a comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia.” The mind behind this website and comic is Jorge Cham, who holds a real PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Some of these comics reveal the frustrating reality in academia and others are actual cartoons that can give you a glimpse into the crazy life of a PhD student.


This is a very cool website that offers a lot of resources to get children to love science. On this website, they can find over 50 experiments that they can perform online or at home. They can also find different science games and online adventures and it even offers virtual field trips to different locations around the world.


Even though this may seem at first just another astronomy website, if you look deeper, you will find that there is more there than meets the eye. This website basically offers students the possibility to learn about planets, stars, space weather or other objects found in space and they can also learn basic information about other sciences. You can find online games and activities and the website also offers videos, audio, images or any other multimedia related to space.


NCBI is actually the National Center for Biotechnology Information and NCBI’s PubMed is a famous standard database where students and scientists all across the globe search for research articles. In this case, ROFL stands for Rolling On Floor Laughing. This website presents funny articles found on NCBI’s PubMed and you should keep in mind that all that funny research was officially funded. So if you want to find out what kind of people enjoy playing bingo in later life or the nature of injuries caused by falling coconuts, then you should visit this fun website.


Understanding Science is an accessible free resource that relates how science works in a fun way. It provides a lot of resources which are categorized by age level. You can find on this website images, videos, charts, experiments or any other resources that focus on science. If you are a science teacher, you can find a lot of teaching tips and most importantly, a nice collection of posters and graphic organizers designed for science teachers.


This website contains a large collection of science games for kids grades 3 through 12 that they can play online. It has interactive physics games, chemistry and biology games and all sorts of fun science activities that will make the learning process less difficult.


This interesting website will provide some very captivating and fun ways for kids to learn about the subatomic universe. Well, it’s not exclusively for kids since this website comes with lesson plans for teachers. It contains many games and fun activities that will make the learning process more enjoyable.

There are a lot of interesting websites about science out there. I just mentioned a few but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other fun science websites? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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