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13 Pieces of College Football Memorabilia for Any Fan ...

By Eliza

For anyone with an alma mater, college football memorabilia can really bring back memories. For fans, it makes great collectible items to show off your favorite team. The pieces on this list will give you some fun ideas of items you can choose for your collection. Of course, you'll have to use your imagination a bit so you can see them with your own favorite college team. Shopping for college football memorabilia is as easy as going online. Most universities have an online store where you can purchase all of your favorite things. Here are some great ideas to get you revved up and ready to cheer on your favorite team now and every season after.

1 A Shadow Box

A Shadow BoxVia Wood Shadow Boxes For Sports
A shadow box is an easy way to display college football memorabilia, whether you played or just watched. Photos, keepsake programs, pins, medals, t-shirts and signed pieces are great for putting in a shadow box.

2 Football Helmet

Football HelmetVia Illinois Football Sells Over 14,000 ...
Not matter what your favorite college football team happens to be, you can easily find replica helmets that you can display on shelves or tables anywhere you want to. They sure are fun, aren't they?


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3 Signed Posters and Photos

Signed Posters and PhotosVia Autographed Troy Aikman Photos | ...
Pieces signed by your favorite college football players are really special items to have in your collection. Whether it's a poster, photograph or t-shirt, you'll love getting close enough to ask for an autograph and you'll also love showing it off to your family and friends.

4 Wall Posters

Wall PostersVia JUST BECAUSE- GO VOLS!!!!
Most college bookstores sell team posters, but you can also find them at sports stores anywhere you shop. They are a fun way to commemorate your team. Frame them to make them last longer.

5 FOOTBALL License Plate

FOOTBALL License PlateVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
No matter your favorite team, a commemorative license plate like this one lets everyone know your allegiance. And they can also be used as decor if they aren't street approved versions.

6 Signed Jersey

Signed JerseyVia Autographed Steve Young Jerseys | ...
The ultimate piece of football memorabilia has to be a signed jersey. Whether you wear it or preserve it as a keepsake, you'll love looking at it all the time.

7 Newspaper Scrapbook

Newspaper ScrapbookVia College Football Saturday Tailgate: Husker ...
A scrapbook where you collect newspaper articles and photos about your favorite team is easy to do and you can add to it for a lifetime. It's really fun to pull it out and look at it from time to time.

8 Game Programs

Game ProgramsVia Football History: Top 5 Prices ...
Holding on the program from your college team games creates a keepsake that won't take up a ton of room. You can also frame it to keep it in good shape.

9 Campus Memorabilia

Campus MemorabiliaVia My Tennessee Vol's,Go Big Orange
Most college campuses have something like this that lets them stand out as a team. For my alma mater, there was a sign out on the highway displaying the upcoming game lineup.

10 Commemorative Footballs

Commemorative FootballsVia Johnny Manziel Autographed College Footballs
Signed or not, a commemorative football is fun to have. You can display it in a glass case or stand it up on a football stand on your desk. Cool, huh?

11 Football Prints

Football PrintsVia Cam Newton Auburn Tigers Framed ...
A framed print like this looks epic hanging on the wall. Having it signed makes it even better. Talk about a great piece for the game room!

12 College Flag

College FlagVia Proud to be a Tennessee ...
Obviously, yours isn't going to be this big, but college football flags or pennants are fun to hang on the walls and let your show off your favorite team.

13 Fake Tattoos

Fake TattoosVia College Football's Best Cheerleaders from ...
Fake tattoos of your favorite team's logo are great for when you get the chance to attend a college football game.

What's your favorite college football team? Since I went to the University of Colorado, my allegiance lies with the Buffs, even if they aren't the best team in the division.

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