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24 Awesome Computer Mousepads for Your Desk ...

By Eliza

Computer mousepads are perfect for your desk, both at work and at home. They give you a place to move your mouse around while you work, but also letting you inject some fun and personality to your work space. Computer mousepads do wear out over time, but that means you just have a good reason to buy a new one all the time. Check out these choices!

1 Fabric Covered Cork

Fabric Covered CorkVia Cute Diy Mousepad From Scrapbook ...
Cork is perfect for computer mousepads and you can customize it and cover it in fabric for your own special piece.

2 Fun Shape

Fun ShapeVia Little White Whale | DIY ...
A mousepad with a fun shape is unique and different. No one else will have this one, that's for sure.

3 Metallic Gold

Metallic GoldVia DIY Suede and Gold Leaf ...
You definitely can't go wrong with a shiny gold mousepad. Don't you love this?

4 Painted Cork

Painted CorkVia Cute Crafts Projects to Make ...
Covering a cork mousepad in fabric is pretty easy, but you can also paint it for a fun look all your own.

5 Lots of Stripes

Lots of StripesVia DIY Gold Mouse Pad - ...
Stripes are timeless and add just the right touch of pattern to your desk.

6 Repeating Fabrics

Repeating FabricsVia Imperfectly Beautiful: Mod Podge Fabric ...
A fabric with a pattern that is small enough to repeat a few times is perfect for your DIY mousepad.

7 Fine Art

Fine ArtVia DIY Project: Fine Art Mousepad
If you prefer a store bought mousepad, you can find loads of options at stores that sell computers.

8 Monogrammed Mousepad

Monogrammed MousepadVia DIY Monogrammed Mousepad Using Free ...
Make your mousepad special by adding a monogram that's all your own.

9 Spring Floral

Spring FloralVia Mousepad - Mouse pad - ...
A floral pattern on a mousepad is a fun way to add a feminine touch to your office or home desk.

10 Animal Shaped

Animal ShapedVia Cat Head Mouse Pad 100% ...
If you love animals, choose a mousepad that showcases that, like this adorable cat silhouette.

11 Polka Dotted

Polka DottedVia {DIY} Tapis de souris Polka ...
Aren't these polka dots fun? I love how simple this mousepad is, while also being totally cute too.

12 Choose a Fun Saying

Choose a Fun SayingVia Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, ...
Inject some humor or inspiration into your day by laying down a mousepad with a great saying on it.

13 Notched Design

Notched DesignVia it's the little things {diy ...
This great notch on the mousepad is perfect for giving you plenty of space to put your cup down on your desk.

14 Honey Comb Mouse Pad

Honey Comb Mouse PadVia Honey Comb Mouse Pad
This is really cute, don't you think? You can choose the one that makes you the happiest!

15 Add a Fun Edge

Add a Fun EdgeVia a little bit of this ...
Rick rack is the perfect thing for giving your mousepad some personality and cuteness.

16 Fancy Elephant

Fancy ElephantVia SALE -- Mouse Pad mousepad ...
This has got to be my absolute favorite mousepad ever. I can't wait to add it to my desk.

17 Geometric Leather

Geometric LeatherVia How To: Make a Modern ...
Leather is luxe and easy to work with, letting you make this great mousepad right at home.

18 Plastic Canvas

Plastic CanvasVia
Remember this stuff? My grandma used to work with it all the time. Isn't this great for a mousepad?

19 Round Shape

Round ShapeVia DIY Mousepad Makeover - One ...
Who says a mousepad has to be square? A circle is just as much fun.

20 Days of the Week

Days of the WeekVia
This is neutral and fun to look at so you can put it anywhere in your office.

21 Glitter Mousepad

Glitter MousepadVia The DIY Files: Glitter Mousepad ...
Any office is better with a glitter mousepad. This is the most perfect thing ever, don't you think?

22 Reversible

ReversibleVia Blogger
What could be more fun than a reversible mousepad like this one? If you can't find one you like in the stores, make it yourself. It's easy!

23 Lots of Color

Lots of ColorVia the 3-Minute Mouse-Pad - Homemade ...
Don't be afraid to go all out with color and pattern when you choose a mousepad.

24 Make It Fun

Isn't this fun? The adorable butterfly and contrasting border is really cute.

What does your mousepad look like? My dog just chewed mine up so I'm doing without until I can find the perfect one. Which one do you love best?

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