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21 Pieces of Star Wars Memorabilia You'll Want for Your Collection ...

By Eliza

If you love Star Wars memorabilia, you are going to love what you see here. This epic movie took over the hearts of many viewers and even though it's been years since it came out, there are pieces of Star Wars memorabilia, both new and old, that you can snap up for your collection. If you want some inspiration or need some things to round out your cache, you're sure to find something on this list that strikes your fancy. Feel free to share with all of us about your current collection too!

1 Darth Vader Mini Lego Alarm Clock

Darth Vader Mini Lego Alarm ClockVia The Best Darth Vader Gift ...
Who wouldn't want to wake up to Darth Vader every morning? This is a cute piece of Star Wars memorabilia I think you'll love to have.

2 Light Saber Chopsticks

Light Saber ChopsticksVia Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks
Eat your favorite Chinese food take out in style with this set of cute chopsticks.

3 Star Wars PEZ Dispensers

Star Wars PEZ DispensersThis set of Pez dispensers would be a great display item in your home somewhere. What do you think?

4 salt and pepper shakers

salt and pepper shakersVia StarWars
Season anything with these adorable salt and pepper shakers. They're to be a conversation starter.

5 Star Wars Toys

Star Wars ToysVia The Man Who Shot Luke ...
If your childhood was full of Star Wars, you'll love having a set of old school toys.

6 Star Wars Figures Ad

Star Wars Figures AdVia
If you're short on space, you can easily hang one of these on your wall.

7 Darth Vader Case

Darth Vader CaseVia I liked this design on ...
This is definitely a collector item. You can store other memorabilia right inside.

8 Vintage Star Wars Glasses

Vintage Star Wars GlassesVia picTORIal: Liam’s Star Wars Birthday ...
These are functional if you want to drink from them, but also cool as display pieces.


Of course, it's probably worth more in the package, but it's still pretty cool to have even if it's not.

10 Star Wars TIE Fighter Bottle Opener

Star Wars TIE Fighter Bottle OpenerVia Star Wars TIE Fighter Bottle ...
Wow your guests by popping open their beer bottles with this handy tool.

11 Yoda Star Wars Mug Cup

Yoda Star Wars Mug CupVia Calm You Must Keep The ...
If Yoda is your favorite Star Wars character, you'll love having your morning coffee out of this mug.

12 Wall Art

Wall ArtVia mahna mahna
Wall art is great because it doesn't take up a ton of space, but still displays your love of Star Wars.

13 Star Wars Cards and Ornaments

Star Wars Cards and OrnamentsVia Pixalry
Make any holiday special with some Christmas inspired Star Wars stuff.

14 Button Pins

Button PinsVia | Fab is Everyday ...
Pin these to other items in your collection to enhance the visual appeal.

15 Star Wars Death Star Silicone Tray

Star Wars Death Star Silicone TrayStar Wars Death Star Silicone TrayVia Kotobukiya Star Wars Death Star ...
Use this to make fun ice cubes for all of your drinks. You'll be sorry to see it melting away.

16 Action Figures

Action FiguresVia | Fab is Everyday ...
Some shelves are all you need to display your collection of Star Wars action figures. Hang them high so the kids can't reach them.

17 Tape Dispenser

Tape DispenserVia See The Galaxy's Biggest Star ...
This would be fun to put on your desk, wouldn't it?

18 Big Statues

Big StatuesVia Show off: My new Star ...
Strike jealousy in the hearts of your friends by displaying some awesome statues like these ones in your house.

19 R2D2 Wall Mirror

R2D2 Wall MirrorVia star wars R2D2 Mirror, is ...
This would be fun in a themed bedroom or bathroom. Would you hang it in your house?

20 Helmets

HelmetsVia Star Wars WORLD
These helmets are a sought after item that really add to your collection.

21 Director Irvin Kershners Notes and Revisions (based on Conversations with George Lucas)

Director Irvin Kershners Notes and Revisions (based on Conversations with George Lucas)Via 'The Empire Strikes Back': 13 ...
Now this would be something that would be really cool to have.

Do you love Star Wars? What things are in your collection of memorabilia? Do you want to collect more? I hope there is something here that makes you happy. Tell me more about your set of Star Wars stuff.

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