47 Vintage Things That Will Make You Yearn for Days of Yore ...


How do you feel about vintage things? I'm not talking about fashions where you recreate the wonderful styles of decades gone by, but items that have the power to create a look, stir a memory, or give you a hankering for simpler times. I love vintage things for all those reasons. Let's see if I can arouse the same feelings in you with this little photo collection.

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Parisian Chic

Parisian Chic Via Community Post: You Wish Your ...
Vintage things can help you create a specific look in your home,



Bicycle Via Cycling for flowers around the ...
Some vintage things just never go out of style.


Filigree Antique Engagement Diamond Ring

Filigree Antique Engagement Diamond Ring Via Filigree Antique Vintage Engagement Diamond ...
Vintage jewelry is a matter of taste.


Vintage Vanity

Vintage Vanity Via Vintage Vanity in Black
It wouldn't be hard feeling beautiful getting ready in front of this stunning piece of furniture.


Vintage Tins

Vintage Tins Via DIY Crafts and Projects - ...
So much more fun and interesting than the sterile and bland packaging of today.


Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera Via Camera love
The original "selfie" camera


Hats and Sticks

Hats and Sticks Via richardsfabulousfinds.tumblr.com
From a time when a gentleman wasn't considered properly dressed without a hat.


Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches Via Be.
Pocket watches had a huge influence on fashion, inspiring chains to hold them and pockets in vests and jackets to tuck them into.


The elegance of the pocket watch transcends mere timekeeping. It's a testament to an era where craftsmanship and detail defined personal style. Imagine the soft ticking, the delicate etchings on the case, the gleam of a well-polished cover - they were as much a fashion statement as a functional accessory. Gentlemen would casually flick open their watch to announce the hour, an action now replaced by the impersonal glance at a smartphone screen. The resurgence in vintage fashion trends has seen a renewed appreciation for these timepieces, as they embody the sophistication and charm of a bygone age.


Vintage Glasses

Vintage Glasses Via Vintage Mint Green Tura Cat ...
Feminine and delicate and certainly not out of place today.


These mint green Tura glasses with their classic cat-eye silhouette are a fashion statement that transcends time. The intricate design and pastel hue offer a nostalgic nod to the '50s and '60s, when such accessories were the pinnacle of feminine style. They embody a retro charm that is both playful and elegant, perfect for those who wish to infuse a touch of vintage flair into their modern wardrobe. Whether paired with a chic updo or a casual ensemble, these glasses are sure to draw admiring glances and spark conversations about their timeless beauty.


Vintage Bro0ch

Vintage Bro0ch Via vintage复古浮雕&……_来自祺祺小丸子的图片分享-堆糖

Brooches are not nearly as popular as they once were but a vintage piece can still add that extra special finishing touch.


Often passed down through generations, these charming jewels have a way of preserving history and personal stories like few other pieces can. A delicate filigree or an ornate cameo brooch might remind you of your grandmother's elegant style. Incorporating a vintage brooch into a modern wardrobe not only serves as a conversation starter but also as a nod to fashion's cyclical nature, proving that true style is indeed timeless. Whether pinned to a lapel, adorning a scarf, or accenting a clutch, these sparkling relics bring a touch of antiquity to any outfit.


Vintage Mirrors

Vintage Mirrors Via Not So Shabby - Shabby ...
Vintage things can inspire modern looks.


Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads Via 04/26/12 ~ Smile HUB
Vintage ads remind us how times and attitudes change as knowledge increases.


Rotary Dial Telephone

Rotary Dial Telephone Via Stuart Wedding by Esther Louise ...
Some vintage things will always be more beautiful than their contemporary counterparts, no matter how far technology advances.


Vintage Fan

Vintage Fan Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
And some vintage designs can only be tweaked - never redrawn completely.


Vintage Opera Glasses

Vintage Opera Glasses Via A Rosy Note
Some vintage things have but one purpose and no other, but that doesn't mean they can't be nice to look at.


Vintage Radios

Vintage Radios Via Collections: How to Collect and ...
I love how many of the DAB radios of today have designs based on retro radios.


Vintage Chair

Vintage Chair Via On GAC TV : Show ...
A single vintage item can be a statement piece.


Vintage Kitchen Wares

Vintage Kitchen Wares Via How to Decorate a Kitchen ...
Old kitchenalia always makes me think of happy days spent in the kitchen tugging on my grandmother’s apron, with the smell of cooking and baking permeating the whole house.


Vintage Stove

Vintage Stove Via pinterest.com
Such a far cry from modern appliances. Think of how much fun this would have been when it was state of the art.


Antique Tea Set

Antique Tea Set Via Victorian Tea Party Shower
Bring a retro feel to your table. Mismatched vintage china is such a cool funky look - and your collection will be unique.



Gramophone When music came with a side order of scratches!


Record Player

Record Player Via Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase ...
I nearly wet my pants with excitement when I got my first record player at the age of 14.



Typewriter Via Syl*s happy vintage SHOP: Syl ...
I'm old enough to have learned to type on a typewriter rather than a keyboard. Some days when my computer is bothersome, I long for the clatter of typewriter keys.


Vintage Kitchen Cart

Vintage Kitchen Cart Oh - the equipment you needed to be a hostess with the mostest in days gone by.


Vintage Jewelry Box

Vintage Jewelry Box Via warmedbylove.com
If you have vintage jewelry, it deserves to be kept in a period box.


Vintage Books

Vintage Books "Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Vintage Magazine Covers

Vintage Magazine Covers Via At Home with Liz Lange
Magazine covers are a chronicle of fashion through the ages.


Vintage magazine covers are a great way to reflect on the fashion trends of the past. From the 1920s through to the present day, magazine covers have been used to showcase the latest fashion trends. From iconic Vogue covers featuring the likes of Marilyn Monroe, to the more recent covers featuring celebrities such as Rihanna and Gigi Hadid, vintage magazine covers provide a unique glimpse into the past. By studying vintage magazine covers, we can gain a better understanding of the fashion of the time, and how it has evolved over the years.


Vintage Sewing Machine

Vintage Sewing Machine Via Sewing for Beginners: Finding Help ...
Some vintage things are a reminder that we shouldn't let some old ways die.


Apothecary Bottles

Apothecary Bottles Via La Belle Brocante
And some vintage things remind us to be thankful for progress.


Vintage Doorknobs

Vintage Doorknobs Via Going to Kansas City
It's easy to add little vintage touches to your home in all sorts of ways. One idea I saw and liked was using a single doorknob as a curtain tie back type thingy.


Pretty and Delicate

Pretty and Delicate Via Vintage Perfection
When things to make you look beautiful were a thing of beauty themselves.


Vintage Plates

Vintage Plates Via 8 Beautiful Ways to Decorate ...
Use pretty vintage plates for a unique collection of serving ware or hang them on your wall - the choice is yours.


Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Suitcases Via Buying Vintage Luggage on Craigslist ...
I love to think about all my travels whenever I see vintage suitcases.


Vintage Chandelier

I'd be constantly craning my neck looking up if this was my light fitting.


Vintage Lanterns

Vintage Lanterns Via * Vintage *
I love vintage things that still serve the same purpose today.


Vintage Silver

Via How To Clean Silver With ...
Vintage items of precious metal never lose their value.


Vintage Enamelware

Vintage Enamelware Via Items similar to Tangled Up ...
Some vintage items are made of materials that simply fall out of fashion or become obsolete because of better materials.


Enamelware, with its nostalgic charm and enduring sturdiness, is one such treasure. These old-school kitchen staples, often featuring a delightful spatter design, bring a dose of country chic to any modern home. As we embrace sustainable living, their robust nature becomes even more appealing, outlasting their contemporary plastic counterparts and reducing waste. Remember grandma's hearty stews? They probably simmered in a pot just like this. It’s not just about function—these pieces tell stories, infusing homespun warmth into our fast-paced lives.


Vintage Car

Vintage Car Via On the road
Some vintage designs are simply - iconic.


Vintage Clock

Vintage Clock Via Atomic clock and sign art ...
Can you imagine how exciting it must have been when things like this were cutting edge and you just had to buy one to be on trend..


Vintage Globes

Vintage Globes Via Stylish Ways to Display Collections
I love old globes. Maybe it's the geek in me or my passion for travel, but I enjoy seeing how the map of the world changes as borders are redrawn and new countries formed..


Milk Cans

Milk Cans Via Just Add Some Java: Vintage ...
I adore vintage things that can be given a new lease of life or a new use.


Cake Stands

Cake Stands Via A Seaside Compound in England: ...
Does a cake stand make you think of ladies in white gloves meeting for afternoon tea, or Sunday afternoons in the parlor with the family?


Vintage Bathtub

Vintage Bathtub Via Born in the Wrong Decade
They don't make things like they used to!


Vintage Packaging

Vintage Packaging Via 100 Years Of Oreo Packaging
Vintage items can tell us a bit of history about our world and the things that make it go round. Look! Oreos used to be called biscuits not cookies.


Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Coffee Grinder Via Wake Up and Smell The ...
There are some vintage items that - no matter how interesting or lovely to look at - make you glad for modern conveniences.


Vintage Toaster

Vintage Toaster Via Toasters of the 1920s
And there are some you probably wouldn't mind still using.


Vintage Bird Cage

Vintage Bird Cage Via 4 Genius New Uses for ...
Vintage items can inspire you in so many ways.

There are so many vintage things I love to see and you know what I love most about them? It's that there's a never ending supply. What is contemporary now, becomes vintage in the future. How awesome is that? Do you have a passion for vintage things? Let us know if you are a Vintage Vicky or a Thoroughly Modern Millie.

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I want all of this, without actually going back in time, for obvious reasons. Lol

I bought my very first sewing machine in 1955 which was just like the one shown. I still have a pretty glass cake stand bought in 1957 when we got engaged. It travelled with me throughout 6 African countries in 20 years too and came out for lots of cakes.

I love vintage kitchenware!

The stove is a toy from the 2000s my friends younger sister has one lol

Wow stunning for sure

Vintage items are so beautiful!

What a great list!!


Vintage car is cute.

#10 only asking, was no Crosses done?

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