21 Lego Sets Even Adults Will Want ...


21 Lego Sets Even Adults Will Want ...
21 Lego Sets Even Adults Will Want ...

Who on your holiday list wouldn't love a LEGO set? They're fun, and since they have a themed set for everything you can imagine, there's bound to be a set for each adult on your list — even the people who have everything.

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Dr. Who Set

Dr. Who Set Price: $59.99 at shop.lego.com
This LEGO set is a must-have for the Whovian on your list who already has every tee shirt, coffee mug, and poster commemorating this fantastic series. Included in the set are the TARDIS, console room, Clara, Daleks, and a Weeping Angel.


Cloud Cuckoo Palace

Cloud Cuckoo Palace Price: $19.99 at shop.lego.com
Batman hates it, but everyone else loves this place! If you have someone on your list who enjoyed The LEGO Movie, chances are, they'll love this set.


The Kwik-E-Mart

The Kwik-E-Mart Price: $199.99 at shop.lego.com
You've probably got a Simpsons fan on your list, and if so, this set, a small-scale replica of the Kwik-e-Mart, would make a fab gift.


Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion

Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion Price: $89.99 at shop.lego.com
Scooby-Doo, where are you? Well, right here, with the rest of the gang, meddling at the Mystery Mansion. This set includes all of the mini figures (most of the other Scooby sets leave out the ladies) plus a motorcycle and sidecar.


The Nether Fortress

The Nether Fortress Price: $79.99 at shop.lego.com
Minecraft and LEGO — a match made in heaven! There are several Minecraft sets, but this one's extra-cool.


The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon Price: $69.99 at shop.lego.com
... and this Minecraft set is really cool, too! It features handful of Endermen and the ultimate bad-guy boss.


Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1

Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 Price: $49.99 at shop.lego.com
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This LEGO set is ideal for anyone you know who either rejoiced or threw a tantrum when the Ghostbusters reboot was announced.


Trio of Birds

Trio of Birds Price: $49.99 at shop.lego.com
You call them twitchers, but they prefer to be called ornithologists; either way, they'll love this trio of brightly colored LEGO birds.


The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Price: $59.99 at shop.lego.com
Featuring the entire TBBT crew in minifig form, this scene is set in Sheldon's apartment. Be sure, of course, to put Sheldon in his spot on the couch.



WALL•E Price: $59.99 at shop.lego.com
I confess: this movie made me cry! This LEGO set is the perfect gift for the Wall•E or Disney-Pixar fan on your list.


LOTR the Tower of Orthanc™

LOTR the Tower of Orthanc™ Price: $199.99 at shop.lego.com
One of the spookiest places, in real life or any imaginary world, this locale from the LOTR series includes a Great Eagle and an Ent.


The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House Price: $319.99 at shop.lego.com
When you think about it, this set could be a gift for an Aussie friend, or for a friend who's a fan of Finding Nemo.


The Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge Price: $239.99 at shop.lego.com
This set promises hours and hours (and hours!) of building fun. So. many. pieces!


Ewok Village

Ewok Village Price: $249.99 at shop.lego.com
The Ewoks always kind of creeped me out — I'm not sure why — but this set is pretty cool anyway, and would make an awesome gift for any fan of the original Star Wars trilogy.


Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Price: $99.99 at shop.lego.com
Give the gift of an iconic MINI Cooper Mk VII... in LEGO form. It's so detailed, and the picnic theme is adorable!


The Simpsons™ House

The Simpsons™ House Price: $199.99 at shop.lego.com
Here's another set for the Homer (or Marge) fan on your list. This set includes several minifigs (always a plus).


Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Price: $199.99 at shop.lego.com
Wow, this is so cool! This giant Ferris wheel would be perfect for giving all of the minifigs from these other sets a quick spin.


Death Star™

Death Star™ Price: $399.99 at shop.lego.com
This incredibly detailed set is retiring soon, so buy it now for the major Star Wars fan on your list. Quick! Before it's gone!


Winter Toy Shop

Winter Toy Shop Price: $79.99 at shop.lego.com
Sure, you could just buy another building for your bestie's holiday village, but this is better!


Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle Price: $19.99 at shop.lego.com
Do you have someone on your list from the PNW? If so, this set would make a rad gift!


Diagon Alley™

Diagon Alley™ Price: Retired at shop.lego.com
You read that right: sadly, this awesome set is retired. You can still try to find one on eBay, or somehow combine sets to make you own Harry Potter universe gift.

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No golden girls,😥

To collect them*

These are terrific. 

The mini cooper, the opera house, the tower bridge, the big bang theory, omg the simpsons... omg I want to college them and take it out and show my son he is not even one yet. Well he is turning one on February! Can't wait to buy him all of these toys! Oh boy!! 😄


The ewok village looks awesome. Though, at those prices they are more build and look at only, not play with

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