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Just like buying cute workout clothing motivates you to hit the gym more frequently, investing into adorable stationary supplies automatically increases productivity and organization. I mean come on, studying day and night is so much better when you have cute note-taking utensils in hand! Just take a look at some of these stationery must-haves... there is no way they won't relieve your stress when you're swamped with work!

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Baby Cat Index Sticky Note

plumbing fixture, machine, Instead of having to constantly find lost pages or folding the corners of your book, invest in these charming baby cat sticky notes! They will not only keep your organization game on point but look super cute amongst your study and/or work supplies. Believe me, sometimes tiny details can make a big difference and get you through loads of work!

$2.51 on mochithings.com


Dog Cable Tie

lip, Throw away the rubber bands around your pens and pencils immediately and get yourself this adorable cable tie. It also comes in a cat version so whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you'll still be able to find something that reflects your personality!

$10.00 on etsy.com


Ghost Collection

painting, modern art, sculpture, ear, The downside of using regular post-its is that they cover the text over which they are placed over. While sometimes it doesn't really matter, other times it can be very annoying! As a solution to the problem, we present to you: Ghost Stickies! They're super transparent and therefore easy to take notes with or even write over text!

$8.46 on mochithings.com


Monster’s Study Planner

t shirt, document, tote bag, bag, handbag, What better way to stay organized than with a super well designed planner? This planner in particular has loads of pages and pre-divided space for your weekly schedule, daily checklists, study plans and more. It makes it extremely easy to stay organized and on top of your work!

$25.46 on mochithings.com


Ardium Flat Pattern Pouch

turquoise, leather, mobile phone, mobile phone case, case, This spatious multi-purpose pouch is perfect for carrying school supplies and even makeup wherever you go! It contains 4 pockets in total with 2 open pockets and 2 mesh ones. The pouch also comes in a variety of floral and geometric designs so you can an easier time picking something that fits your taste best.

$37.95 on mochithings.com


Grasshopper Stapler

furniture, chair, couch, watercraft rowing, toy, This grasshopper stapler is like no other! It can transform any desk to a hip and relaxed station with a fun pop of color. Just be careful when purchasing this item as it requires an uncommon size of staples, which happens to be 10!

$4.95 on anthropologie.com


Pastel Dual Deco Pen Set

product, skin, graphic design, label, document, For our final must-have on the list, we have a pastel set of unique highlighters! Each highlighter pen comes with two tips, one being thicker than the other. As a result you can use this set as pens or a highlighters. Two items in one!

$8.95 on mochithings.com

What are some of your cute stationary must-haves? Share your picks in the comments!

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