16 Cute 2018 Calendars to Keep You Organized Every Type a Person Must Have ...


16 Cute  2018 Calendars to Keep You Organized Every Type a Person Must Have ...
16 Cute  2018 Calendars to Keep You Organized Every Type a Person Must Have ...

Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? Before we know it, 2018 will be here and that means you probably need some cute 2018 calendars to keep you organized. I like preparing for the year early so I can get the most out of it. If you’re like me and thinking about January 1st already, here are sixteen cute 2018 calendars to keep you organized.

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This Gorgeous Thomas Kinkade Wall Calendar

nature, flora, waterway, garden, water, If you’re the type of girl who likes art or beautiful landscapes, check out this beautiful calendar featuring art by famous painter, Thomas Kinkade. It's my favorite of all the cute 2018 calendars to keep you organized.
$10.99 on amazon.com


This Useful Family Organizer Wall Calendar

text, cartoon, organism, line, area, Perfect for the girl with a family, or just with a lot on her plate! It’s easy to stay organized with this awesome calendar!
$32.96 at amazon.com


This Purr-fect Cat Desk Calendar

cat, small to medium sized cats, cat like mammal, product, whiskers, What’s better than an adorable kitty? Three hundred and sixty five adorable kitties, of course!
$10.99 at amazon.com


This Breathtaking Thomas Kinkade Disney Wall Calendar

nature, painting, plant, art, organism, This calendar is a double threat, featuring some of your favorite Disney characters and the incredible talent of Thomas Kinkade.
$10.89 at amazon.com


This Relaxation-inducing Tropical Beaches Wall Calendar

caribbean, tropics, palm tree, vacation, shore, This calendar is perfect any time of the year, but especially during the colder months. The pictures of beautiful tropical beaches will definitely add some warmth and sunshine to your days.
$12.00 at amazon.com


This Wine Country Wall Calendar

wine bottle, bottle, glass bottle, wine, fruit, For my girls that love their wine, here’s a great calendar that shows pictures of where your favorite wines come from!
$16.35 at amazon.com


This National Parks Wall Calendar That Will Definitely Inspire Wanderlust

nature, water resources, water, wilderness, nature reserve, Featuring some of the most beautiful locations around the United States, this calendar is perfect for the girl who dreams of traveling.
$10.39 at amazon.com


This Desk Calendar Featuring Man’s (and Girl’s!) Best Friend

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, dog crossbreeds, sapsali, Like the cat calendar, but for dog people! This awesome desk calendar features a pooch for every day.
$9.65 at amazon.com


This Truthful Pocket Planner

flora, flower, petal, floral design, flower arranging, A mini pep talk and pocket planner all in one!
$7.21 at amazon.com


This Functional Monster Grid Wall Calendar

text, font, product, line, logo, This awesome calendar features huge grids for those with lots to do. You don’t have to worry about running out of space with this calendar.
$15.99 at amazon.com


This Star Wars Saga Desk Calendar

pc game, technology, fictional character, action figure, The force will most definitely be with you with this nerdy desk calendar. This is perfect for the girl who can’t wait for “The Last Jedi” in December!
$13.56 at amazon.com


This Precious Weekly Planner Featuring the Most Adorable Kittens

cat, fauna, small to medium sized cats, whiskers, dragon li, Who doesn’t love kittens? This functional planner features a different fluffy friend every week!
$11.99 at amazon.com


This Inspirational Desk Calendar

text, font, graphic design, product, banner, Filled with inspiring quotes and affirmations, this quote calendar is perfect for the girl who could use a little inspiration in her life.
$10.19 at amazon.com


This Pretty Desk Pad

text, line, area, font, square, This is great for the girl who likes to keep her calendar on her desk to easily see what is on the agenda. And it’s so pretty, too!
$15.99 at amazon.com


This Game of Thrones Wall Calendar

text, album cover, font, black and white, computer wallpaper, Perfect for scheduling your GoT binge watching sessions while waiting for the final season!
$10.39 at amazon.com


This Jeopardy Desk Calendar

text, product, purple, font, product, Do you love game shows and learning new things? This daily desk calendar is perfect for you!
$10.39 at amazon.com

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