Top 20 Favorite Little Luxuries Enjoyed by Women ...


Top 20 Favorite  Little Luxuries Enjoyed by Women ...
Top 20 Favorite  Little Luxuries Enjoyed by Women ...

UK brand Lenor (they make fabric conditioner) recently surveyed 2,000 women to discover their favourite little luxuries; those little treats and treasures they turn to at the end of the day or when some light stress relief is needed. The list of little luxuries enjoyed by women are surprisingly simple but I expect you will relate to them very well. Go through the list and let me know if your favorite luxury is included.

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Getting into a Bed with Fresh Sheets

room, bed, textile, girl, bride,


Getting a Takeaway Instead of Cooking

pizza, dish, cuisine, food, italian food,


A Lovely Perfume or Scent

hairstyle, lip, long hair, black hair, hair coloring,


A Proper, Well-brewed Cup of Tea

cup, tea, caramel color, mate cocido, earl grey tea,


The Smell of a Scented Candle

candle, wax, lighting, flameless candle, unity candle,


Taking off Your Bra at the End of the Day

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, long hair,


Indulging in a Pudding

dessert, chocolate pudding, chocolate, food, frozen dessert,


A Bubble Bath at the End of a Long Day

freezing, ice, winter, girl, water,


The Smell of Fresh Laundry out of the Machine

human hair color, blond, girl, photo caption, conversation,


A New Beauty Purchase

eye shadow, product, product, cosmetics,


Being Given a Nice Back Rub

muscle, mouth, girl, neck, audio,


Sleeping in the Bed on My Own for a Night

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, glasses, vision care,


Nice-smelling Clothes

hair, hairstyle, girl, textile, hair accessory,


Buying Some Jewellery

jewellery, nail, fashion accessory, finger, hand,


A New Lipstick

shoulder, chin, fashion model, neck, arm,


Being at Home to Watch My Favourite Day-time Talk Shows

girl, textile, product,


A Cocktail in the Middle of the Day

drink, alcoholic beverage, liqueur, distilled beverage, alcohol,


Wearing Big Comfy Pants

hair, blond, human hair color, beauty, lady,


Wearing Nice Matching Underwear

human hair color, fashion model, model, swimwear, arm,


Scented Fabric Conditioner

clothing, boutique, fashion, outerwear, dress,

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