The Best Subscription Boxes for 2019 ...


The Best Subscription Boxes for 2019 ...
The Best Subscription Boxes for 2019 ...

One of my favorite retail trends that has gone from strength to strength over the last few years is, without a doubt, subscription boxes. Even a decade ago they were quite rare, but these days you can pretty much find a box that caters to any kind of interest! They make for the perfect treat for yourself but even better, I think they are the perfect gift. They keep on giving and every month, they remind them of you. Here are some of the best subscription boxes of 2019.

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If you love hand creams, then this is the box for you! Every month you get a shipment of amazing new designer products that contain luxurious ingredients and are always free of parabens.



If you are a fan of UnderArmour products, then you might want to look into their in-house subscription service. You can choose your price and you can choose how often you receive your new gear. It all depends on how often you need new garments.



You have probably heard of Birchbox before, but that is because it is one of the best around! You can choose three, six or twelve month subscriptions depending on how much makeup and toiletries you want to receive. The box contains a bunch of the best selling samples of the season, so you are always going to be on trend!


Try the World

A brilliant box for all you foodies out there! You receive a monthly package full of snacks from around the world that have been curated to give you a real taste of the globe. Each month you get to experience a new country’s treats!


Lola Sexual Wellness Kit

My Lola is a wonderful company that provides lots of different women’s wellness products and advice from organic tampons to lots of different sexual health items. This monthly box comes with both advice guides and items that will help you to stay safe and healthy in your sex life.


Mouth Pickles of the Month Subscription

This is absolute heaven for a lover of pickles! Look, pickles can be a serious business, and this monthly box caters to you with four different kinds of your favorite snack each time! They range from classic favorites to experimental newcomers, so your mouth will never get bored!



If athleisure excites you, then this is the box for you! There are three price options that can have one, two, or five new workout outfits delivered to your door throughout the year. Your exercise gear will end up being more stylish than your normal wardrobe!


Fit Lifestyle Box

This is a great box at a low price that can help to keep you on a healthy track each month. It arrives full of healthy snacks, some samples, one full-sized product, and a different 30-day fitness challenge each month to keep you motivated.

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