10 Best Stores for Holiday Shopping ...


10 Best Stores for Holiday Shopping ...
10 Best Stores for Holiday Shopping ...

Thinking about the best stores for holiday shopping? The holidays are only weeks away, and if you’re been putting off shopping because you’re not sure where to go to get just the right gift, I can help. I know exactly where to look to find something for everyone on your list, even for your friends and family who are hardest to shop for. Here are the 10 best stores for holiday shopping… they’ve never let me down. Read on!

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Perfect for: books, music, and more!
If there’s someone on your list who loves books, music, movies, or just about any other media, then you’re sure to find what they want on Amazon.com. It's one of the best stores for holiday shopping no matter what's on your list. They even have out-of-print titles in the Amazon Marketplace, and a handy “you might like” feature that shows you items similar to those you’ve selected. Another great feature is the Wish List. Search it to see if your hard-to-shop-for friend has posted a Wish List, and if so, use it. Use it. Use it to find EXACTLY what they want. It’s not cheating. Trust me.



Perfect for: the hipster on your list
Hipsters love stuff, but it has to be cool, unique, before-trend stuff. Fab.com is the best store for holiday shopping for hipsters because it is, I think, stocked by recovering hipsters who still have an eye for the fashions and home goods hipsters love. Kitschy holiday sweater for your horn rimmed glasses-wearing kid brother? Check.



Perfect for: the glamour girl
We all have that fashionable friend who seems like she ought to have been born in the 30s or 40s, when women still wore lipstick and gloves to go to the grocery store. Find the perfect gift for her (A dress? A fascinator? A set of tea towels?) at ModCloth. They have the best deals on the best retro fashions from the best designers, plus free shipping on orders over $50. Is it any wonder they’re on my list of the best stores for holiday shopping, or any shopping at all?



Perfect for: hard-to-find or collector’s items
If you’ve always struggled with finding the perfect gift for Aunt Harriet, who collects obscure kitten art, or Uncle Ned, the biggest Star Trek fan you know, then eBay is perhaps the best store for holiday shopping for you, my dear. I’ve never, ever searched for something and NOT found it, no matter how hard-to-find, rare, or collectible. Most sellers offer free shipping on buy-it-now items, and of course, there’s little in life more exciting than a last-minute bidding war over a signed William Shatner photo.



Perfect for: the outdoorsy type
Don’t get me wrong, I adore my boyfriend. But he used to be impossible to shop for! This year, I saved myself a lot of heart-ache and went to REI, his own personal wonderland, and found not one, but TWO perfect gifts for him. It’s the absolute best store for holiday shopping if you need a gift for a hiker, white water rafter, camper, mountain climber, or general outdoorsman (or woman).



Perfect for: stocking stuffers!
I do not think it is possible to enter a Target store and not buy something. I especially love Target this time of year for buying wrapping paper, gift bags, stocking stuffers, and tree trimmings. I love that they give a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes, and that they seem to be everywhere, so no matter where you need to do your shopping, there’s bound to be a Target nearby.



Perfect for: the fashionista with flair
Though everything in the store is moderately priced, H&M is the best store for holiday shopping for that friend on your list (or your sister) who happens to be a complete fashionista with a slight European edge. They have everything, from skirts and tops to coats and glasses and everything in between. Not sure exactly what to buy? They have gift cards, too.



Perfect for: something shiny
No list of the best stores for holiday shopping would be complete without Tiffany & Company. They have just the right thing for your brand-new baby niece (a sweet charm for her charm bracelet), your mother (a pair of classic earrings) or your bestie (a sterling silver Tiffany Heart). Who wouldn’t love to open one of their signature blue boxes this holiday season?



Perfect for: something unique and hand-made with love
Hand-knit mittens. A felted owl ornament. A one-of-a-kind bracelet. All of this and more can be found on Etsy, a marketplace for everything vintage, hand-made, and unique. I’m always able to find something on Etsy, even for my hard-to-shop-for artist friends, and I love the idea of helping an independent artist make a living!


Small, Independent, Local Stores!

Perfect for: strengthening your local economy and finding something fun!
There’s this little candy shop in Marine City, Michigan, called The Sweet Tooth. There’s a store in Royal Oak, Michigan called Scout that has the best house stuff and gorgeous costume jewelry. What do they have in common with your favorite small business? They’re all some of the best stores for holiday shopping, too, because each dollar you spend stays local, and helps improve your own local economy. They also tend to have some of the coolest, most unique gifts. Shop local, for sure!

Now that you’ve seen my list of the best stores for holiday shopping, are you ready to get started on your list? I hope so… the holidays are only a few weeks away! Which of these stores is your favorite, and why? Or do you have another store you love to shop at during the holidays? Do tell!

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Amazon is the best for basically all holiday shopping. No crowds, no lines!

I am totally obsessed with ModCloth! I just live that it's filled with vintage and in style clothes!

Love number 1

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