5 Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops You'll Love to Buy from ...


5 Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops You'll Love to Buy from ...
5 Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops You'll Love to Buy from ...

Great news! There are loads of eco-friendly Etsy shops. For those of us who love to shop, but also care about the environment it can be hard to find a balance. Check out these adorable, eco-friendly Etsy shops and say goodbye to buyer's remorse!

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Garden Bon Bons

chocolate, praline, bonbon, product, confectionery, This super cute shop is out of Seattle, Washington. She creates super cute “seed bonbons” to plant in your garden. The best part? They’re designed to look like a box of bonbons. How cute! Perfect for a gift for a friend or yourself. etsy.com


Save the Salt

text, font, number, product, line, This Etsy shop creates beach jewelry made from hemp. Hemp is a super versatile fiber that is more eco-friendly than standard cotton. All Save the Salt products are customizable in size and color. Plus, 10% of your purchase goes to the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Care Center in Charleston, South Carolina!


Growing up Wild

text, yellow, font, poster, graphic design, This adorable shop sells baby products and clothes, all made from organic cotton! This makes the products safe for the environment and babies. Her products are a perfect option for your own kids or a gift for your friend’s kids.


Noni Loves Green

tableware, drinkware, drink, food, Beeswax wraps are beginning to be a popular alternative to plastic wrap. Noni Loves Green makes protecting your leftovers fun with reusable beeswax wraps, that come in tons of designs!


Peace of Mind

text, font, black and white, logo, brand, Peace of Mind is a fairly new Etsy shop. The shop owner is an esthetician and creates a variety of beauty products. Her products are all eco-friendly and cruelty free! If you love shopping online but are nervous about buying skin care online, check out her reviews and bio. Customers LOVE her products, it will give you “peace of mind.” Get it? LOL

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