Harry Potter Monopoly Set and 7 Other Gifts You're Gonna Love ...


Last week, a Reddit user posted photos of a Harry Potter Monopoly set he'd made for a friend, and it's so incredibly detailed and gorgeous, I'm now mad at all of my friends for not making one for me. While this exact bit of HP merch isn't actually for sale - YET! - there are plenty of other Harry Potter-themed goodies you can buy for all your friends (and to keep yourself). Here are a few of my favorites.

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SPEW Propaganda Poster

text, poster, document, collection, graphic design, Price: $15 at etsy.com
If you're as passionate about the rights of house elves as Hermione, then this SPEW propaganda poster is just the thing. It's available in a range of sizes, from a secretive 8x10 to a wear-your-cause-on-your-sleeve 24x36.


Felix Felicis Potion Flask

perfume, lotion, distilled beverage, skin, cosmetics, Price: $19.95 at etsy.com
Why keep your Felix Felicis in a plain glass vial, when there's this lovely flask designed to do the job? There's also a flask for your Polyjuice Potion.


Swish & Flick Poster

Design, text, font, calligraphy, moustache, Price: $4.77 at etsy.com
You weren't born a master at the wingardium leviosa spell, and until you master it, let this sweet little poster remind you of the proper way to work your wand.


"Always" IPhone Case

Trafalgar Law, mobile phone case, mp3 player accessory, telephony, mobile phone accessories, Price: $35.00 at society6.com
One of the most touching moments in the books is when Snape admits his love for Lily to Dumbledore. If that scene gives you the feels, buy this phone case. Now. Right now.


Engraved Pencils

lip, pen, woodwind instrument, IA83, 8799If, Price: $8.00 at etsy.com
I'd have preferred a set of magical quills, but as I'm a complete Muggle, these pencils will have to do.


House Bodysuit

clothing, swimwear, swimsuit bottom, maillot, one piece swimsuit, Price: $17.90 at forever21.com
Once you've been sorted into your house - Gryffindor, of course - wear your allegiance proudly, with a pair of cutoff jeans or a cute skirt.


Ravenclaw Tee

clothing, color, t shirt, sleeve, long sleeved t shirt, Price: $13.00 at etsy.com
This would look so cute with a white skirt or white shorts! I'm a Ravenclaw and proud of it... maybe this year, we'll win the House Cup!

Which of these Harry Potter goodies do you want most? Or is there something else you've been wanting?

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