Cool Ways to Get Free Stuff for Girls Who Love to Score a Great Deal ...


Cool  Ways to Get Free  Stuff for Girls Who Love to Score a Great Deal ...
Cool  Ways to Get Free  Stuff for Girls Who Love to Score a Great Deal ...

Who doesn't love free stuff? Getting something for nothing is one of my favorite things. You probably hear about girls who score something without having to spend a dime and wonder how you can do the same. There are loads of great ways to get something for free and once you give these tactics a try, you'll feel so much richer.

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Free Food Days

I love free things, but free food has to be one of the best. Many restaurants offer free items on certain days. For example, you can get a free Slurpee at 7-11 on July 11th and a cone at Dairy Queen to raise awareness for childhood diseases. Ben and Jerry's also has a free cone day. Ask your favorite places when they do free days and make sure to mark it on the calendar.


Try Free Trials

Free trials are a wonderful way to score free cable, software programs, movie clubs, book clubs, gym memberships and so much more. If you are debating whether you want to buy something, see if you take a free trial first. Not only do you get some free benefits, but you can also decide if the program is right for you.


Sign up for a Birthday Club

There are lots of restaurants and stores that offer clubs with rewards and points. Many of them give you something for free on your birthday. You can score simple things like makeup or another beauty product, but you can also get free meals, jewelry and much more. So anytime you see a freebie for your birthday, sign yourself up.


Get Monthly Box Subscriptions

Many monthly subscription sites will offer you a free month of the service just for signing up. That includes those that offer beauty products, snacks, meals and plenty more. If this is something you buy anyway or plan to buy, you can enjoy one full month of freebies before you ever have to pay a dime. Perfect!


Find Free Shipping

If you're someone who shops online a lot, it makes sense to get your shipping for free. You can find coupon codes that let you do that on many sites, including Amazon. So if you're going to buy online anyway, why not do a search for free shipping coupons first. Simply type "free shipping" and the site you're shopping on into Google and see what you get.


Download Apps

There are loads of apps that you can put onto your smartphone that give you rewards and free prizes. Some places, like fast food restaurants, will give you something for free just for downloading their app. Others let you rack up points for using the app to shop and then giving you something for free. I use the Target Cartwheel app and I just scored a free turkey!


Pick up Free Samples

Last but not least, one of the easiest ways to get some free loot is to grab samples when they are available. You can get all sorts of stuff this way, from makeup to food to newspapers to lotions to much, much more. What's your favorite free sample?

What others ways have you gotten something for free? Which of these tips do you plan to try first?

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