You Celebrated Sonic's 25th Birthday Now Get Ready for the New Mini Nintendo ...


You Celebrated Sonic's 25th Birthday Now Get Ready for the New Mini Nintendo ...
You Celebrated Sonic's 25th Birthday Now Get Ready for the New Mini Nintendo ...

Back in June, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 25. Can you believe it? I remember playing that game so, so long ago and loving every minute of it! It was part of my childhood, it completely tapped into everything that was good in the world and now, guess what Nintendo is doing? They are releasing a Nintendo Mini! Once this hits stores? I'll be in the first in line for sure!

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Relive Your Childhood with Some Classic Games

cartoon, profession, mobile device, Oh. My. God. Do you know what games are going to be on there? Just to name a few, Final Fantasy, Dr. Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Kirby's Adventures – what the hell. I'm never going to get anything done! Seriously, this is going to change my entire life.


It's a Mini! It's Got Pre-loaded Games!

cartoon, sitting, room, furniture, illustration, The cool thing about the Nintendo Mini is the fact that it is going to have 30 pre-loaded games. Let me repeat that, 30 pre-loaded games. How cool is that? The bad thing? Currently, you won't be able to get more games or download more, but I have a feeling that this will change.


While Sonic Will Not Be Loaded onto It

ana, I know, Sonic just had his birthday, however, Sonic won't be on Nintendo Mini. I wish they would buck up and release a Genesis Mini! How cool would that be right?


You'll Be the Envy of Friends That Don't Own This

cartoon, invertebrate, comics, Who, wants, Think about it, you'll be the cool kid again, you'll be the one that will bring all of the childhood memories back. I loved Nintendo when I was a child and I have so many memories of my brother and I playing, hour after hour.


Sleepovers Will Be Mandatory with Your Gamer Friends

person, profession, MENTRLify, I'm actually already plotting my sleepover. I have besties that love video games and already, I can't wait for them to come over so that we can play all of the games that all of us grew up on.


Pokemon Go Won't Hold a Candle to Mini Nintendo

cartoon, comics, book, While I love Pokemon Go (yep, it's my new addiction), there is nothing like Nintendo games – come on, Mario? Yep, I'm all over that. Seriously. Pokemon will be out and Mario will be in.


Contain Your Excitement Just a Little Longer Though

person, The sad part? We'll have to wait until November to actually get this cute little mini in our hands and to start playing all of the games that we grew up with.

So the real question is, what are some of your favorite childhood games?

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