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Holidays are always influenced by pop culture, but none so much as Halloween. Every year, the most popular costumes among kids and adults alike mimic some movie, TV show, or outrageous character who seems too crazy to be real (I'm looking at you, Donald Trump). As pop culture becomes an even bigger monster, costumes sparked by internet phenomena are even more commonplace. And so, with ample time to change your costume if you're so inspired, I would like to be the first to wish you a Happy Hallo-meme. See what I did there?! No, but seriously, these costumes are perfectly preposterous, you'll dig 'em.

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Wear the Dress to Impress

Wear the Dress to Impress Oh yeah. “The dress that broke the internet” is back. It has about five minutes left of its 15 minutes of fame – just enough to reemerge as a Halloween costume and then disappear into obscurity!


Willy Wonka Gets Real

Willy Wonka Gets Real Love this. Love everything about it. This kid nailed it right down to the smarmy sarcasm and it is epic. He wins Halloween and you do not, so good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.


Ermahgerd, Great Costume

Ermahgerd, Great Costume Bonus points if you still have any of your old Goosebumps paperbacks. However, remember that the key to Ermahgerd Girl perfection is in the expression. And the pigtails.


Let Grumpy Cat Speak for You

Let Grumpy Cat Speak for You Grumpy Cat is an amazing costume. It takes some skill to pull off, you get to rock an awesome makeup job, and you'll be both adorable and antisocial. What could be better?


Hipster Ariel is Only Here Ironically

Hipster Ariel is Only Here Ironically I love Hipster Ariel – and I say that as a Little Mermaid fan from way back. Besides, if you don't have one of those gorgeous silicone tails, it's the easiest way to rock an Ariel costume.


Miley and Her Wrecking Ball

Miley and Her Wrecking Ball There are … other ways to do this. Lots of them. Pet costume, pregnant costume, couple costume, costume with fake legs … and costumes using a blow-up doll. Look, I know, but it made me laugh.


Nicki Minaj, in Any Look

Nicki Minaj, in Any Look In a video, on the red carpet, or striking an Instagram pose, Nicki has a fierce, dramatic, flawlessly fabulous look. You could choose dozens of ensembles and makeup looks, but I love this precious Pink Friday costume – all DIY, by the way, courtesy of Kate Spanish!


Fan Fave: the Afterlife Receptionist from Beetlejuice

Fan Fave: the Afterlife Receptionist from Beetlejuice Speaking of Nicki, take a page from her Vogue shoot and step out in a fashion-forward version of everyone's favorite otherworldly receptionist. You could also go as a more authentic version, or hell, just do Receptionist Nicki. I'll be honest, this is here because I love it to death.


Sexy Pizza Rat is Now a Costume

Sexy Pizza Rat is Now a Costume This is just … don't go as this. Don't do it. If you want to go as Sexy Pizza Rat, at least have real pizza. Nothing is sexier than real pizza.


Go as Tinder if You're Looking for a Date

Go as Tinder if You're Looking for a Date This one could be pretty funny. Funnier: if you're a girl, go as Typical Tinder Guy. Comedy gold and tons of fun!


Let Loose like Left Shark

Let Loose like Left Shark Left Shark is still enough of a thing to make a decent costume this year. Will anyone remember the inspiration for your costume? Possibly not – internet culture burns hot and fast, after all, and only the true legends are remembered after more than a month. If your Left Shark performance is tight, though, you'll steal the show.


Ariana Grande and Her Doughnut

Ariana Grande and Her Doughnut So, this costume has several benefits. Ariana's doughnut-licking was a viral sensation, so if you throw on a pair of cat ears, a lot of people will get your costume. Also, aside from the cat ears, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Finally, you get to carry around a doughnut as part of your costume. Maybe bring some backups in case you eat your oh so essential prop, though.


Snapchat Personified

Snapchat Personified So Snapchat is actually a pretty popular costume – and it has forever changed the internet. Well, it's changed the corner of the internet that loves leaked pictures of private moments, anyway. Still, there are dozens of ways to do it, including several lazy hacks. Or you could go an entirely different route ...


The Snapchat Ghost

The Snapchat Ghost Snapchat Ghost is the cutest part of the app, to be honest, and ghost costumes are classically Halloween. It's instantly recognizable and likely to involve a few Snapception moments of your own. Nor is that all the costume inspiration this app has to offer, oh no ...


The Rainbow Filter

The Rainbow Filter YES! THE RAINBOW FILTER. The filter is awesome, as is this simple but quite beautiful costume. At the same time, however, if you go to any parties with lots of wrecked friends, you will freak out everyone and laugh for days.


Forever Alone Guy (or Girl)

Forever Alone Guy (or Girl) Bonus points if you go to the effort to make an appropriately grotesque, easily recognizable mask – this dude's costume is brill. If you're single, this shows off your sense of humor in ever so many ways, plus I mean, it lets people know there's a shot if you happen to be looking.


Sip Tea and Serve Shade as Kermit

Sip Tea and Serve Shade as Kermit Okay, so, this is clearly Sexy Kermit Sipping Tea, but you get the idea – and anyway, if you want to be a sexy, shade-slinging Kermit, you work that ish. Whether you go the sexy route or choose something a bit more amphibious, promise to make the most of this costume. Judge people all night long but let everyone know it's totally none of your business.


Two Words: Kanye and Kim

Two Words: Kanye and Kim The world at large is still obsessed with Kanye and Kim, and the internet seems to be their kingdom. Maybe you love them and want to pay an homage to their infamous Met Gala look or perhaps you just want to take the piss a little. Whichever you choose, there are countless costume options but apparently the bountiful booty is a non-negotiable detail, so if you don't have one, you better fake it.


No, It's Becky

No, It's Becky This Tumblr joke is older than Moses but still funny. You can either go as TSwift herself or simply get yourself a “no its becky” tee shirt and DIY your own costume from the ground up.


Nyan Cat is Forever

Nyan Cat is Forever Anything involving cats and rainbows will always win. Always. Who doesn't love Nyan Cat, anyway? This is a fairly old meme as well, but since it's also timeless, you should get recognized. Even if you don't, it's an adorable costume.



#FirstWorldProblems Haha. Hahaha! HAHAHAHA!!! Someone do this and then post pictures, okay?

Whether it's a meme or a viral story, so much of our entertainment either comes from or ends up on the internet, giggled over and mercilessly exploited. If you're tired of the same old Halloween costumes, why not dress up as something totally unexpected and possibly unrecognizable?

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I don't understand the Kermit one.

# first world problems made me cry :-))) I can't stop laughing I love it

I remember when halloween = dressing up in a SCARY costume :/

Oh my god #6. And the guy in #2 looks freakishly so much like my cousin

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