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Halloween Costumes Based on Your Favorite Television Shows ...

By Eliza

We all have our favorite television show, right? So why not dress up as one of the characters for Halloween this year? With so many options to choose from, the sky is the limit. For many characters, you probably have most of the stuff to put the costume together right at home. Here are some great ideas to get you started. Have fun trick or treating!

Table of contents:

  1. Dr. who
  2. The walking dead
  3. Big bang theory
  4. The simpsons
  5. Scooby doo
  6. Spongebob squarepants
  7. Mad men
  8. Honey boo boo
  9. Saved by the bell
  10. Adventure time
  11. The flintstones
  12. The amazing race
  13. Saturday night live
  14. Ncis
  15. I dream of jeannie
  16. Gilligan's island
  17. The beverly hillbillies
  18. The shining
  19. The addam's family
  20. Archer
  21. Game of thrones

1 Dr. Who

This costume comes together so easily that you might start wearing it every year.

2 The Walking Dead

You can make the necklace of ears with some clay. Pretty cool, huh?

3 Big Bang Theory

All you have to do is talk your boyfriend into this and you can be Amy and Sheldon for Halloween.

4 The Simpsons

Get your friends to be the other characters and you'll be set for any Halloween party.

5 Scooby Doo

A trip to the thrift store and you'd easily find everything you need to make this costume.

6 Spongebob Squarepants

Krabby patty, anyone?

7 Mad Men

The vintage costumes on Mad Men are really fun to put together.

8 Honey Boo Boo

Ever wanted to wear a pageant dress? Go as Honey Boo Boo for Halloween and you can.

9 Saved by the Bell

Remember this 90s television show? Everyone loved it and they are sure to love your costume too.

10 Adventure Time

This cartoon doesn't always make a lot of sense, but this costume sure looks great.

11 The Flintstones

Grab your bestie and go as Wilma and Betty for Halloween.

12 The Amazing Race

Pretend that you're going on the Amazing Race with these super easy costume.

13 Saturday Night Live

You'll have everyone laughing when you recreate this popular Saturday Night Live skit.


You won't be sorry if you go as Abby for Halloween.

15 I Dream of Jeannie

Make some magic on Halloween with this fabulous costume.

16 Gilligan's Island

Recreate a classic with a group of your friends.

17 The Beverly Hillbillies

You might not have been around yet when this show was on, but watch old YouTube videos of it and you'll be inspired.

18 The Shining

Did you know The Shining was also a television series? Go as the Grady sisters and really creep everyone out.

19 The Addam's Family

Wednesday Addams is always an eerie choice for Halloween night.

20 Archer

Do you watch Adult Swim cartoons? This is the perfect television inspired couple's costume.

21 Game of Thrones

No list of television inspired Halloween costumes would be complete without Game of Thrones.

What's your favorite TV show? Will you dress as one of the characters this year?

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