Sexy Victoria Secret Inspired Halloween Costumes ...


If you want to look sexy this halloween, you might as well get inspiration for your costume from Victoria Secret models. After all, they're always dressing up for the catwalk. According to Refinery 29, here are some of their best looks you should steal at the end of October:

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Leprechaun Even though it's not Saint Patrick's Day, you can pretend it is. Dress in all green instead of all orange.



Graduate If you've recently graduated from high school or college, this is the perfect look. It's fitting.



Snowflake It'll start to snow soon, so this costume will make you fit right in with the scenery.


Slumber Party

Slumber Party All you need for this costume is your favorite pajamas. Then you're all set.


Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper Christmas is rapidly approaching. Wear this costume to prove it.


Gym Rat

Gym Rat If you love the gym, you might as well dress as a gym rat. It won't be all that different from your normal look.



Boxer This'll make you look like a strong woman. Every man will fear you.



Jester Jesters don't have to look silly. You can make them sexy.


Take the classic jester outfit and give it a Victoria Secret twist with luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk, and add a touch of lace to bring that sultry edge. Think form-fitting bodices and high-slit skirts that play up your curves. Accessorize with a sassy jester hat and long, elbow-length gloves. Don't forget the dramatic makeup—smoky eyes and bold lips do wonders in turning the playful jester into a beguiling, bewitching vision perfect for any Halloween festivity.



Stewardess Some men have a thing for stewardess'. Appeal to their fantasies by wearing this little costume.

Which one of these costumes do you like the best?

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Now all I need is a smokin hot body

You cant wear them out though.

Dam right @alka !!! I agree... ;)

@KelsiZ yes u can;you can do whatever u like!

You have to be scary. Not cute or there's no reason to feed the hallows on Halloween.

My hubs loves boxing so I might do that be nice to surprise himmm....;-)

Love all the costumes.. My favorite is the leprechauns cuz my favorite color is green lol.

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