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Halloween Pranks That'll Make You Howl with Laughter ...

By Eliza

Pulling pranks is always fun, but for some reason it gets even funnier on Halloween. That's because you can pull some pranks that are meant to scare the pants off your family and friends. You'll be laughing so hard! Just be careful that you don't take things too far and cause problems in a relationship. Need some ideas? Here are some really funny Halloween pranks that you can try this year. Have fun!

1 Killer Clown

You could scare so many people with this prank!

2 Zombie Apocolypse

Get a bunch of people together and pull this prank. You won't be sorry!

3 Friday the 13th

Know someone who is scared of this movie? This prank is a great one to pull on them.

4 Burger King Whopper

Here's a classic that will have eneryone laughing.

5 Scarecrow Comes to Life

Here's somethign a bit more innocent, but still really funny.

6 Eat Their Halloween Candy

This is prank that Jimmy Kimmel pulled on his kids. I think you'll agree that it's pretty hilarious!

7 Horror Movie Come to Life

Do any of these guys scare you? Me too!

8 Halloween Gags

These silly gags are hilarious to watch.

9 Paranormal Activity Prank

Have you seen this movie? This prank bring it to life.

10 Giant Spider Dog

Get your dog in on the action with this gut busting prank.

11 Chain Saw Massacre

It's alwasy funny when the prank is pulled on someone else!

12 The Bush Monster

Give all those candy hunters a scare with this prank.

13 Killer Jigsaw

Scary, right?

14 Ghost Scare

Can you even imagine what you would do if you woke up to this?

15 Scaring the Kids

My kids wouldn't think this was funny. Would yours?

Are you scared? Or are you laughing? Who do you plan to prank this Halloween?

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