7 Awesome Ways to Make Your House Scary for Halloween ...


7 Awesome Ways to Make Your House Scary for Halloween ...
7 Awesome Ways to Make Your House Scary for Halloween ...

October 31, the most bewitching night of the year, is just around the corner; have you thought about any ways to make your house scary for Halloween? If not, it's not too late to decorate and give your abode that creep factor that will make your trick-or-treaters and visitors screech with delight. You don't have to spend a lot or even invest a lot of time to give your house that haunted appeal, especially when you try these ways to make your house scary for Halloween.

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Spider Webs

Spider Webs Here is one of the easiest ways to make your house scary for Halloween: with store-bought spider webs. Just buy a bag or two of those inexpensive spider webs from a party supply store and go to town with them. One bag goes a really long way and can be used to add a creepy touch to every corner of your home. Drape them outside and inside to create an instant, and easy, creep factor.


Ghostly Images

Ghostly Images Another easy way to give your house a spooky edge is by creating ghostly images. Just cut out an over-sized eerie shape from a large piece of black paper. Hang the shape in your front window and when the sun goes down, the lights inside your house will illuminate the image and cast a creepy look outside.



Ghosts Styrofoam balls, white towels or sheets and some fishing line are all you need to make some creepy ghosts. Just wrap the white sheet or towel around the ball and tie a piece of fishing line around the outside of the fabric. Draw on ghostly eyes and a mouth to complete the decoration. Hang your ghosts outside or in to give your space an instant Halloween appeal.



Crows Nothing is more foreboding than a collection of creepy black crows. You'll be sure to send chills down the spines of your visitors when you display a collection of these birds around your front door.


Eerie Trees

Eerie Trees This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations at my house. I created eerie trees from some wispy tree branches that I collected from my yard. I inserted the branches into a foam ball and placed the ball into a plastic flower pot. I glued some black feathers on top of the exposed portion of the ball and then draped some orange lights on the branches. Oh, I also arranged a few of those creepy crows on the branches. This is a super cheap, super easy decoration that adds a fantastic creep value to my front porch.



Spiders In keeping with the aforementioned spider webs, display a ton of spiders in your decor. Hang plastic spiders in the fake webs and tape paper spider cutouts to your front door, on your windows and on your walls to give everyone that creepy, crawly feeling.


Worn Fabric

Worn Fabric Drape some worn fabric around your house to add even more of a haunted look. Buy some cheap lengths of gauzy fabric from a craft store and plot it with tea bags. Once dry, drape the fabric on your window valances, over doorways and on your fireplace mantle to create a super creepy, yet fashionable Halloween look (okay, is fashionable pushing it a little too far?).

These are some of my favorite Halloween decorations. I'll tell you that each year, my trick-or-treaters say that my house is the best decorated in the neighborhood, which I think says a lot. What's your favorite Halloween decoration?

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So true

For number 2 I learned that you can cut out eyes and insert tissue paper--I used green, for an eerie glow and I also had the kids put red paint (washable) on the windows as bloody handprints trying to escape!

Oh damn Americans do everything better!! The most a Brit will do on Halloween is the kids will dress up that\'s it and it\'s lame dressing up :(

Who\'s good ideas,especially #2!

Aaaa the the main pic in the article os realy scary

OMG I\'ve gotta try number 2!!

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