Pinterest's Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2016 ...


So you wanna know what the most popular costumes are for Halloween this year, according to Pinterest? You've come to the right place! Use the ideas below for your entertainment or to draw ideas from for your own costume this year! 👻 🎃 🕸

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clothing, pink, costume, fictional character, Believe it or not unicorns have now proven to be a very popular choice when it comes to Halloween costumes, with it pinned to more than 105,000 boards on Pinterest!


Ariel ~ the Little Mermaid

performance, beauty, fashion, nightclub, model, With 3552 repins, it's fair to say that many girls aspire to be like Ariel from The Little Mermaid when it comes to the great debate of what to wear for their Halloween costume!


Snapchat Rainbow Filter

color, face, hair, nose, beauty, It's no wonder everyone is so obsessed with the Snapchat filters or lenses when you can easily recreate the hilarious rainbow one for a great Halloween costume idea!


Wednesday ~ the Addams Family

face, hair, eyebrow, black hair, black, Who could forget the memorable Wednesday Addams? Her Halloween costume idea has had 2666 repins so far...I think Christina Ricci would be pretty impressed with that!



color, face, facial expression, hair, red, Vampires have always been a super popular Halloween costume, so it's no surprise that the idea has had 6453 repins on Pinterest! Are you team Edward or team Jacob?



yellow, clothing, t shirt, hairstyle, spring, If you want to dress as something, well...a little bit different this year, maybe you should go as a pineapple? With 5991 repins it's fair to say that we love any costumes out of the ordinary!


Mary Poppins

clothing, costume, outerwear, abdomen, pattern, With 7104 repins on Pinterest, Mary Poppins is clearly a very popular Halloween costume this year - great news for any musical lovers who want to channel their inner Julie Andrews for Halloween.



human hair color, hair, face, clothing, blond, You would be forgiven for thinking that scarecrows aren't exactly what everyone is dying to dress up as for Halloween this year, but guess what? With18,703 repins, it looks like we were wrong!


Where's Wally

hair, clothing, red, glasses, hairstyle, Where's Wally (a.k.a Where's Waldo in the US and Canada) has had 7642 repins so far - looks like it won't be too hard to spot Wally this Halloween!


Gum Ball Machine

clothing, pink, dress, sleeve, spring, Similarly to the pineapple, another out of the ordinary idea for a costume is a gum ball machine! You may not be the only one considering it, though, due to it having 8387 repins on Pinterest.


Taco Belle

color, clothing, dress, yellow, gown, If you're one for a good pun, you'll love the Taco Belle costume idea (surprisingly popular too), which as the names suggests, combines the Disney princess Belle with fast food!



clothing, green, spring, costume, outerwear, A cactus is also popular on Pinterest this year for those who want to wear a costume this Halloween that says 'can't touch this' without needing it to actually be spoken!



hair, clothing, dress, hairstyle, long hair, As you might have guessed by now, food costumes are super popular this year so it totally makes sense that this one is no different! Who doesn't love pizza, right?



clothing, Also making Pinterest's most popular Halloween costumes list for this year is the hilarious bowl of cereal, or more specifically, colourful Fruit Loops (or is it Froot Loops?)


Luke ~ Gilmore Girls

clothing, cap, fashion, photo shoot, headgear, Are you a lover of Gilmore Girls? Then dressing up as the lovable Luke this year for Halloween could be a match made in heaven! No wonder it's makes the list for most popular costumes.


Regular Taco

yellow, clothing, sleeve, t shirt, neck, Okay, so maybe the punny Taco Belle costume wasn't really your thing, in which case, why not go for a regular taco? The good news is they both made the most popular list this year.


Donald Trump

hair, face, clothing, chin, nose, Does this one surprise you? Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump officially takes the last spot in our Pinterest's Most Popular Halloween Costume list for 2016!

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