Literary 📚 Halloween ⚰️ Costumes for Every 💯 Bookworm 🤓 ...

Forget the overly-sexualised nurses and catwomen of the past celebrations - this year, get inspiration from the greats for your literary Halloween costumes. Somehow, it's nearly that time of year again. We're less than a month away from Halloween, and it's time to start planning your costume. Up until a couple of years ago, I was never that big on Halloween. The idea of knocking on someone's door for sweets just seemed a bit strange to me. Now though, I love the opportunity to get really creative with an outfit. Here's some ideas for literary Halloween costumes that will let your imagination run wild.

1. Dracula

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I'm going for literary Halloween costumes inspired by the classics to start with. Long, long before the girly, sparkly vampires of the Twilight world, Bram Stoker created a vampire that was truly scary. If you're going as one of the undead, eschew the Hollywood blockbusters and look to this book for ideas.

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