9 Ways to Decorate πŸ–Ό for Halloween πŸ‘» That You'll Have so Much Fun πŸ‘ with ...

One of my mom's and my favorite things to do every year is decorate for Halloween, and she and I have some really cute and simple ways to decorate for Halloween that I thought I would share with you. Each of these are some you might have heard of, and maybe not, but either way, these ideas are simple to use, really cute and also stylish. Don’t just dress up for Halloween, but decorate your home too. It is a fantastic way to get in the spirit of fall, so much so that Halloween is now my favorite holiday aside from Christmas, and I don’t even go trick or treating! Enjoy!

1. Big Pumpkins

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One of the easiest and prettiest ways to decorate for Halloween is to put big pumpkins in your home, and put them everywhere! Mantles, at the bottoms of steps, doorways, on your coffee table as a centerpiece, on shelves in your room, etc. It makes for such a fun, surprising decoration item that brightens up any room. Best of all, you can leave these up all fall since pumpkins are a wonderful autumn harvest decoration lasting from September through November, even up until Thanksgiving.

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