9 Ways to Decorate for Halloween That You'll Have so Much Fun with ...


9 Ways to Decorate for Halloween That You'll Have so Much Fun with ...
9 Ways to Decorate for Halloween That You'll Have so Much Fun with ...

One of my mom's and my favorite things to do every year is decorate for Halloween, and she and I have some really cute and simple ways to decorate for Halloween that I thought I would share with you. Each of these are some you might have heard of, and maybe not, but either way, these ideas are simple to use, really cute and also stylish. Don’t just dress up for Halloween, but decorate your home too. It is a fantastic way to get in the spirit of fall, so much so that Halloween is now my favorite holiday aside from Christmas, and I don’t even go trick or treating! Enjoy!

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Big Pumpkins

One of the easiest and prettiest ways to decorate for Halloween is to put big pumpkins in your home, and put them everywhere! Mantles, at the bottoms of steps, doorways, on your coffee table as a centerpiece, on shelves in your room, etc. It makes for such a fun, surprising decoration item that brightens up any room. Best of all, you can leave these up all fall since pumpkins are a wonderful autumn harvest decoration lasting from September through November, even up until Thanksgiving.



Owls have been popular for quite some time, so why not use this trend as an easy way to decorate for Halloween? We use owls in various places throughout our home, whether as a hanging fixture, a table centerpiece, or just a fun addition to a shelf. You can find really cute and unique looking owls in home good stores, or online. They are really fun to put in random places to decorate for the season too.



Who doesn’t love a great scarecrow as a simple decorating piece, right? Scarecrows are easy to find, fun to look at, and they bring the Halloween holiday right into your home. You can find cute or scary scarecrows, so pick whichever one fits into the décor theme you’re try to implement. We have them in our yard in larger forms, and have smaller ones placed throughout the house inside for a fun decoration with a festive twist.


Witches' Hats

I have this fondness for collecting cute witches’ hats, and though I don’t have many, the few I do have are really fun to put out for display on mantles, shelves, tables and more. I even have one hanging on the corner of my bed during the holiday. You can find them just about anywhere, and I like to look for ones with fun colors, textures and themes to put a twist on the original.



One of the simplest things you can use to decorate for Halloween is orange and black candles, but any candle will do. This is especially pretty on Halloween night, but it makes for a great way to decorate during the entire Halloween season. We line our front driveway with candles the night of Halloween and it makes for a beautiful display, also helping to welcome trick or treaters into our home on the special night.


Candy in Vases

Have you seen this idea on Pinterest yet? Fill a tall flower vase or clear candle urn with candy corn, or Halloween colored M&Ms for a vibrant, easy decoration that you can munch on if you want, though it makes for a prettier display than anything else. It is simple, inexpensive and the night of Halloween, you can set it outside on a table by your door so visitors can reach in for a small handful if they like.


Blacklight Bulbs

The night of Halloween, we like to place blacklight bulbs in some or all of our lampshades. It makes the house glow a delightful, ghoulish purple color that looks extremely spooky and fun. You can find these bulbs at hardware stores, online, or most anywhere Halloween decorations are sold.



Here’s another trendy and fun way to decorate for Halloween! Use black birdcages, or any color you like, and hang them from your ceiling for Halloween. You can place candles in them, or anything else you like such as floral pieces or greenery for a prettier option.



Lanterns are another trendy and easy way to decorate your home for Halloween. Fill lanterns with orange floral pieces, pumpkins, or even candles and place them throughout your house. We also put them on tables and on shelves as well. Lanterns offer that spooky cottage look that looks especially inviting and scary at the same time. Light them with candles at night and you’ll get an even more festive effect.

Do you like to decorate for Halloween? Share some easy ways that you bring this fun, spooky holiday into your fall season!

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