7 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Year ...


7 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Year ...
7 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Year ...

No matter what your age, if you intend to partake in some spooky festivities this year, keep these Halloween safety tips in mind. It doesn’t matter if your going to a party or heading out to trick or treat, you never know what could happen, so it is best to have a list of rules to follow ahead of time. These Halloween safety tips are a mishmash of rules for various activities, you will know which ones pertain to you depending on what your plans are for the night.

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Watch Your Drink

This is one of the Halloween safety tips for those old enough to drink. This rule actually has two meanings. First of all, always keep your eye on your drink. Do not go to the bathroom and leave it unattended and resume drinking it when you return. It is incredibly easy for someone to slip something into your drink, so keep your eyes on it at all times. Secondly, watch how much you drink. Halloween is fun and exciting and you can easily have a good time without getting plastered. You can’t keep yourself safe if you are too drunk to know what you are doing.


Use Extra Caution on the Road

Despite rule number one, many people drink heavily on Halloween. It is a huge bar night and afterwards people tend to drive home while intoxicated. Whether you are driving or walking, make sure you keep yourself aware of your surroundings and the other cars on the road. Walk on the sidewalks whenever possible and if you are walking, keep a flashlight on or wear reflective clothing.


Do Not Get into a Car with a Stranger

There are droves of people out on Halloween night, for those who are looking to do so, it is a good night to pick someone up. Do not get into a car with someone that you don’t know. You shouldn’t take rides from strangers on any night, but be especially cautious of this on Halloween night.


There’s Always Safety in Numbers

It is best not to go out by yourself if you can help it. Having your friends or family with you is a good way to make sure there is someone you can turn to if you should run into trouble. It’s also good to listen to those friends of yours if they tell you that you are starting to get out of control from drinking or just partying in general.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

I know that it’s fun to wear those strappy heels or thigh high boots, but if you plan to be walking around for a few hours, or if you might be in a situation where you’ll need to run, comfortable shoes are a must. That’s not to say they can’t fit with your costume, there are plenty of shoes that look amazing with any sort of costumes that still provide comfort and ease of movement.


Let Someone Know Where You Are

Whether it’s your parents or a friend who isn’t with you, someone should always know where you are headed. It may seem unlikely that something bad would happen to you, but you never know what might come up and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So when you leave one party/bar/neighborhood and head to the next, shoot someone a text so they know what you’re up to.


Keep Your Cell Phone Handy

Your cell phone is great for a number of reasons. If you need help, it’s just a quick phone call or text away. It also makes a decent flashlight if you’ve lost yours. If you’re walking on the road, keep your screen lit so that oncoming cars know that you’re there.

Whatever you plan to do on October 31, have fun! Just remember to be safe in all that you do. Do you have any outstanding tips to keep kids, teens and adults safe on Halloween?

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For those staying home and handing out candy, be aware that home invasions are very real and opening your door to strangers all night makes you vulnerable. Have a way to defend yourself.

This is good advice.

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