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29 Downright Awesome Sugar Skulls You're Going to Love ...

By Eliza

I absolutely love sugar skulls! There is nothing about them that isn't just really cool. Sugar skulls are a Day of the Dead celebration icon that often get twisted into something evil or scary. In fact, the Day of the Dead celebration isn't supposed to make you afraid, but is meant to commemorate the lives of your deceased loved ones. Check out these examples and I promise you won't be scared in the least.

1 Sugar Skull Tattoo

tattoo,flower,arm,pattern,chest,Via StYLiN
If you're looking for an idea for a tattoo, why not consider one of the many sugar skulls?

2 Cute and Girly

face,cartoon,skull,head,font,Via Sugar Skull (Yellow) Art Print ...
This is a fun riff on the classic sugar skull design.


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3 Black and White

tattoo,black and white,arm,pattern,bone,Via Sugar skull custom tattoo
This black and white sugar skull tattoo is really cool.

4 Embellished

Many sugar skulls, tattoos or otherwise, are embellished with a floral design.

5 Lady Skull

cartoon,font,drawing,sketch,art,Via Sugar Skull Design by Ayeri ...
The pops of red in this sketch really make it stand out.

6 Leg Tattoo

Sugar skull tattoos seem pretty popular. I love the placement!

7 Kitty Skull

black and white,line art,drawing,pattern,font,Via
For something really different, check out this cat sugar skull.

8 Wall Art

Boca Loca,Rumble,skull,bone,head,Via TRYPOPHOBIA
This print would look great in a game room.

9 Outline

black and white,bone,skull,head,font,Via Tattoo Ideas
There isn't a thick outline on this sugar skull, but it works all the same.

10 Mustache

skull,bone,drawing,sketch,sticker,Via Mustache Sugar Skull by Tammy ...
The mustache on this sugar skull gives it a playfulness you'll love. See - not scary at all!

11 Gold on Blue

art,pattern,modern art,Via Sugar Skull Linoprint
This masterpiece isn't like other sugar skulls, but I'd like to own it.

12 Butterflies

pattern,window,drawing,glass,illustration,Via Tattoos
Instead of clearly defined facial features, the artist of this sugar skull uses butterflies. Truly a unique idea.

13 Gypsy Sugar Skull

Maybach,modern art,wall,furniture,font,Via Gypsy Sugar Skull Die Cut ...
Imagine the impact this would make hanging over your couch.

14 Traditional

face,skull,bone,head,organ,Via Sugar Skull Art Print by ...
Most of the sugar skulls you see have this traditional design with the cross on the forehead and flowers throughout.

15 Asymmetrical

modern art,art,window,painting,flower,Via For Apple iPad Mini Cool ...
I like how the eyes aren't exactly the same like so many of the other sugar skulls on this list.

16 Sew It up

art,pattern,drawing,illustration,skull,Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This beauty would be wonderful on cloth napkins or tea towels.

17 Leather Keychain

Exotico Tequila,skull,fashion accessory,bone,pattern,Via Leather keychain / bag charm ...
This cute little keychain is perfect for making you smile while you drive your car.

18 Keyholes

black and white,line art,font,illustration,monochrome,Via Items similar to Extra Large ...
Keyholes are a symbolic image you'll see from time to time on sugar skulls.

19 Wedding Favors

art,drawing,illustration,pattern,comics,Via Til Death sugar skull bride ...
I wish these would have existed when I got married!

20 Sugar Skull Moon

It's not the traditional sugar skull, but this moon version really is something special.

21 Day of the Dead Wallpaper

room,wall,living room,floor,interior design,Via Day of the Dead Sugar ...
I must have this somewhere in my house!

22 Wall Hanging

drawing,skull,sketch,pattern,art,Via Items similar to Sugar Skull ...
Put a black frame on this print and you have a piece of art everyone will talk about.

23 Panda Bear

skull,cartoon,bone,font,head,Via Artist Depicts Endangered Animals As ...
Again, not your average sugar skull, but super cute all the same.

24 Sugar Skull Collage

Rumble,Boca Loca,skull,bone,cartoon,Via Sugar Skull Art Collage Art ...
What a great way to highlight several sugar skulls in one piece of art.

25 Tea Cups

flower,art,floristry,pattern,design,Via Skull Cups | via Facebook
A little bit proper, a little bit edgy - these tea cups are perfect!

26 Sugar Skull Flag

flower,art,window,picture frame,Via Sugar Skulls Day of the ...
What a fun thing to hang in your garden!

27 Tiny Tattoos

finger,white,nail,pattern,fashion accessory,Via Cool Sexy Skeleton skull Arm ...
These are tattoos I could get behind. I love the size and placement.

28 On the Wrist

mehndi,yellow,henna,pattern,design,Via Yellow Floral Sugar Skull Tattoo ...
Your wrist is another great place to showcase a great sugar skull tattoo.

29 Clothes

Sugar skulls are a great icon for your clothes. This tank top would look perfect with a pair of jeans.

Did you see a sugar skull you love? I'm currently in the middle of a really big sugar skull cross stitch. I can't wait for it to be finished!

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