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When you have to get up in the morning, coffee can save the day, right? It's even more fun if you have a fun mug to drink your java out of. You can find coffee mugs in stores of all kinds, but if you want something that's different than anyone else has, there is definitely a mug on this list that will make you smile. Drinking your morning cup of joe will never be the same.

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For the Not so Morning Person

For the Not so Morning Person Via 13 Coffee Mugs that Will ...
Warn others to stay away until you've had your first cup of coffee with this entertaining mug.


This mug, featuring a witty statement or grumpy graphic, perfectly captures the essence of those slow-to-wake mornings. It sits comfortably in your hand while sending a clear message: caffeine is a necessity before any conversation ensues. With its ample size, it's ideal for a generous pour of your favorite brew, ensuring that by the time you reach the bottom, you're more approachable and ready to face the day with a smile. Whether it's for you or a gift for your favorite night owl, this mug's charm is as strong as the coffee it holds.


Drinking Mug with Whimsical Deer Antler Handle

Drinking Mug with Whimsical Deer Antler Handle Via antler cup, coffee cup for ...
Anyone who loves hunting will get a kick out of this fun coffee mug.


Imagine clasping a cuppa with the twisty grandeur of nature in your grasp. This mug isn't just another ho-hum addition to your kitchen cabinet, it boasts a handle that replicates the majestic sweep of deer antlers. Crafted for the wildlife enthusiast or those who simply appreciate a touch of rustic charm, you can almost feel the crisp forest air with every sip from this whimsical mug. Not only useful for your morning brew, it serves as a delightful conversation starter during your coffee breaks.


Feel Good Mug

Feel Good Mug Via Illustrated tea/coffee cup
This mug can't not make you smile. Am I right?


Skull Mug

Skull Mug Via Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug | ...
What a fun little surprise this skull mug is going to be every morning.


Realistic Face Mug

Realistic Face Mug Via Porcelain coffee mugs set of ...
This mug is fun and artsy and will look great perched on your desk at the office.


3-D Frenchie Mug

3-D Frenchie Mug Via One moment please...
Dog lovers will enjoy this cute little friend with their morning cup of coffee.


Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs Via Personalized ALL You Need Is ...
The shape and design of these mugs is really fun and you can have them say anything you want them to.


Cloud Mug and Spoon Set

Cloud Mug and Spoon Set Via Cloud Mug And Spoon Set ...
This tiny spoon is the perfect accessory for the cute mug.


Keyboard Cups

Keyboard Cups Via Cool & fun stuff
You can't drink much coffee out of these, but they sure are fun, aren't they?


With Cookies

With Cookies Via Top 10 Pinterest Pins This ...
This mug has a place to keep your cookies or crackers. Perfect, right?


Sprite Teapot and Teacup Set

Sprite Teapot and Teacup Set Via zulily.com%2Fp%2Fsprite-teapot-set-68773-6761785.html%3Fns%3Dns_806437239%7C1393998326050%26tid%3Dhellosociety_1150_type367_HardPin_Pinterest_68773-6761785%26source%3DPinterest%26medium%3DHardPin%26u%3Dtype367&cid=1150&hscpid=638754

Keep your mug and pot of coffee together in one place with this set. It's also perfect for hot tea.


Owl Friend

Owl Friend Via Home | Cotton On Australia
Enjoy your coffee with a sweet owl friend.


Fish Mug

Fish Mug Via Fish Mug Coffee Cup - ...
I find this a bit creepy, but it's still unique and will definitely get people talking when they see you with it.


This Fish Mug Coffee Cup is a unique and quirky way to enjoy your morning cup of joe. It is made from ceramic with a glossy finish, and the fish design is hand-painted. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, and it holds up to 11 ounces of your favorite beverage. It's perfect for anyone who loves to express their unique style and make a statement with their coffee mug. It also makes a great gift for any occasion. So if you're looking for something a bit different to add to your kitchen collection, this Fish Mug Coffee Cup is the perfect choice.


Clean but Dirty Mug

Clean but Dirty Mug Via Mr P Dirty Mugs
You won't have to worry about your mug getting stolen when you have one that looks like this.


The Finger Coffee Mug

The Finger Coffee Mug Via Protruding Finger Cups : Finger ...
It's sort of like holding hands while you sip your coffee. Cute!



Get in touch with your angel side with this adorable coffee mug.


Start your day on a heavenly note with this whimsical mug. Early mornings can be tough, but with angel wings to lift your spirits, you'll be ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Plus, it's not just a pretty piece – it's also practical and durable enough for daily use. Whether you're sipping some dark, aromatic coffee or a comforting herbal tea, this mug is bound to become a treasured part of your morning ritual.


Wooden Mug

Wooden Mug Via 20 Quirky Mugs Worth Waking ...
This is a fun look, don't you think?


Handmade Look

Handmade Look Via Coffee Mug, handmade ceramic cup, ...
A handmade coffee mug like this one would be fun to enjoy your coffee from.


Grumpy Cup

Grumpy Cup Via Grumpy Cup ...FUNNY Mugs...COFFEE... New ...
This is cute! When you lift the mug it makes you look like that famous grumpy cat.


Dental Mug

Dental Mug Via Dental Mug
If you have a great sense of humor, this mug is sure to make you laugh.


Zoom Lens Coffee Mug

Zoom Lens Coffee Mug Via Zoom Lens Coffee Mug Helps ...
Photography lovers unite with this fun camera themed coffee cup.


Standing on Its Own Two Feet

Standing on Its Own Two Feet Via I liked this design on ...
This is cute and you won't have to worry that it will walk away without you.


Taking a Bath

Taking a Bath Via 24 Incredibly Creative Coffee Mugs ...
Isn't this fantastic? You could use it for coffee, tea or hot cocoa.


Handgun Handle

Handgun Handle Via LOL | Funny & Unique ...
This gun handle is a fun coffee mug for people who enjoy their right to bear arms.


Cupcake Mug

Cupcake Mug Via Rivièra Maison
This sweet little mug is as fun to look at as it is to drink out of.

What does your favorite coffee mug look like? Do you see one here that you must add to your collection.

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