7 Cute Mugs to Make Your Monday Morning Happy ...


I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of cute mugs - I want to drink my morning cuppa out of something adorable! Luckily, there are loads of cute mugs out there that will make drinking your morning brew (whether you're a tea, coffee or hot chocolate person) that little bit more special - I've gathered together a few of my favorites right here for you!

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Biscuits Mug

Biscuits Mug These cute mugs are available from fortyfourshop.co.uk and are the perfect accessory to brighten up any dreary Monday morning. This is one of my favorite shops (it's in the city where I used to live), so you're sure to find plenty of other items to tempt you whilst you're browsing their site!


Yellow Bunnies Mug

Yellow Bunnies Mug Head for the Paperchase (UK) website to snap up one of these cute Russian doll inspired bunnies mugs - they're perfect for spring! I love the sweet design and pretty style of this mug and it's dishwasher and microwave safe; perfect!


You're My Cup of Tea Mug

You're My Cup of Tea Mug The only problem with this gorgeous Paperchase mug is that you really should get someone to treat you to it. Maybe leave the window open in your web browser as a 'subtle' hint for your boyfriend? Or you could just treat yourself; after all, tea tastes better from an awesome mug!


Pixel Heart Mug

Pixel Heart Mug I'm a huge fan of heat changing mugs and after my last one had an unfortunate encounter with the dishwasher, I'm thinking of buying one of these. Perfect for geeks and gaming fans, the heart turns red and refills every time you top up your hot drink - brilliant! Pick yours up from the Think Geek website.


Write like a Motherf***** Mug

Write like a Motherf***** Mug Forgive my French, but this awesome mug from The Rumpus store is right up my street. Being a writer, mugs with writing quotes or inspiration on it are always a hit and this one makes me smile. You can pick one of these up for just $13!


Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug Ok so this isn't exactly 'cute' and it's more of a thermos/travel mug than an actual mug, but the photographer in me is head over heels in love! This cool mug is made from a camera lens and helps to keep your hot drinks...well... hot! Great if, like me, you get easily distracted with work and don't like lukewarm tea or coffee. Pick up one of these beauties on Amazon.


Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug I simply had to include this one, just because my boyfriend would love it! Just add a couple of AAA batteries, press the button and like magic your drinks stirs itself! More of a novelty than anything else, but still a great way to get your Monday morning started if you're feeling too lazy to even find a teaspoon!

Which of these mugs will you be buying to put a smile on your face this Monday morning? Or do you already have a favorite mug that you use at work or at home? I'd love to hear all about it! Do you think your morning tea or coffee tastes better out of an awesome mug, or are you happy to use whatever is clean and available for your drinks? I'd love to know I'm not the only one who is obsessed with mugs!

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I had the camera lens mug.. used it for many months..

OMG! I want to go online and buy a cute mug or create my own! I also have a question, I am very new here and I am wondering how would you post on here? Thnx!

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