49 Heart Shaped Things That Raise a Smile ...


We associate heart-shaped things with love and romance. Maybe that's why there are so many heart-shaped things. And we certainly don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to appreciate them. Want to enjoy a selection of lovely stuff?

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Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats Via Ribbons and Ruffles Baby Shower ...

You can make lots of yummy heart-shaped things.


Heart Shaped Animal Crafts

Heart Shaped Animal Crafts Via Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Animal ...

A fun craft for kids.


Heart Shaped Pine Cone Wreath

Heart Shaped Pine Cone Wreath Via Instant Download, DIY, Heart Shaped ...

Keep it plain and beautiful as nature made it or paint it a favorite color.


Heart Shaped White Chocolate Bark Bites

Heart Shaped White Chocolate Bark Bites Via yourhomebasedmom.com

Can you make it to Valentine's Day without succumbing to making these?


Heart Shaped Potatoes

Heart Shaped Potatoes Via 21 Must Have Valentine's Day ...

Perfect for a romantic meal at home.


Photo Heart

Photo Heart Via Cute and Cool Teenage Girl ...

A great shape for a photo montage of your loved ones.


Heart Mosaic Stepping Stone

Heart Mosaic Stepping Stone Via Sweet Sweet Heart Mosaic Stepping ...

A path to love.


Heart Shape Rocks

Heart Shape Rocks Via Natural Heart Rocks - 15 ...

Even Mother Nature loves heart-shaped things.


Heart-shaped Wind Chime

Heart-shaped Wind Chime Via Valentine's Windchime

Make your heart sing.


Heart-shaped Cookies

Heart-shaped Cookies Via Heart Shaped Cookies the Easy ...

A sweet treat.


Tiny Heart Shaped Island

Tiny Heart Shaped Island Via Blog

This is Tavarua in Fiji. Honeymoon anyone?


Heart-shaped Diamond Earrings

Heart-shaped Diamond Earrings Via 35 Pieces Of Gorgeous Jewelery

Who would argue that diamonds are a girl's best friend?


Sweetheart Tea Bags

Sweetheart Tea Bags Via Top 35 Easy Heart-Shaped DIY ...

Serve this up to show your love for your sweet-tea


Love Beetle

Love Beetle Via A colourful life: Colours, patterns ...

Do you love your car this much?


Solar Eclipse, May 2012

Solar Eclipse, May 2012 Via Burning love: Incredible heart-shaped sun ...

A heart-shaped sun. How cool. (Seen in Los Angeles)


Heart Shaped Swamp

Heart Shaped Swamp Via KalédonY-45

Lifou Island, New Caledonia



Patch Via Puppy love: The cute chihuahua ...

I heart dog.


Heart-shaped Rock

Heart-shaped Rock Via Come Away With Me

The elements make wondrous shapes.


DIY Heart Shaped Soaps

DIY Heart Shaped Soaps Via DIY Wedding favors - 50 ...

If you're going to make your own soaps (or candles), it makes sense to do them in heart shapes.


A Heart-shaped Meadow

A Heart-shaped Meadow Via Heart of oaks: One farmer's ...

A farmer created this in tribute to his late wife. How touching and romantic.


Heart Shape Hole

Heart Shape Hole Via It's a beautiful world

Isn't it brilliant when photographers spot these things?


Heart-shaped Rock

Heart-shaped Rock Via Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

You'll have to travel to Palm Beach at Preveli on the Greek island of Crete to see this up close and personal.


Heart Shape Handle

Heart Shape Handle Via Heart Shape Handle Design Tea ...

Some heart-shaped things are better in his and hers.


Heart-shaped Antique Silver Ring Boxes

Heart-shaped Antique Silver Ring Boxes Via Antique Silver Ring Boxes

These would look great on your vanity. Or wouldn't it be fabulous for your hunny to pop the question opening a box like this.


Heart-Shaped Pool

Heart-Shaped Pool Via Heart shaped pool

Don't you just want to dive right in?


Heart Locket

Heart Locket Via Sterling Silver Custom Double Thumbprints ...

Keep your loved ones close to your heart.


Felt Heart Bookmark

Felt Heart Bookmark Via simple Serendipities: Felt heart bookmarks

Some heart-shaped things are simply ... useful.


The Heart of the Forest

The Heart of the Forest Via cbmccully.blogspot.com

A thing of beauty.


Heart Shaped Key

Heart Shaped Key Via Heart shaped key.. vintage little ...

The key to your heart?


Heart Shaped Tree

Heart Shaped Tree Via Community Post: 11 Trees That ...

Mother Nature's personal invitation to a romantic picnic.


Heart Paper Clips

Heart Paper Clips Via bookmarks ~some DIY, some examples

Heart shapes are more fun than regular.


Heart-Shaped Fruit and Vegetables

Heart-Shaped Fruit and Vegetables Via You Can Grow Heart-Shaped Fruit ...

Grow your own.


DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Via DIY bird feeder round-up!

Show your love for our feathered friends.


Heart-shaped Place Mats

Heart-shaped Place Mats Via Rag Crochet Place Mats

A table for two.


Heart-shaped Pizza

Heart-shaped Pizza Via Ricette antipasti San Valentino - ...

Now you know what to serve for dinner.


Heart-y Kitty

Heart-y Kitty Via Amazing heart-shaped wonders

Purr-fect or what?


Heart Shaped Bottle

Heart Shaped Bottle Via Prettiness: Luscious pastel colours - ...

As pretty as a picture.


Heart Shaped Dollars

Heart Shaped Dollars Via Heart-Shaped Origami | Three Wisdoms

For the love of money.


Heart Shaped Balloon

Heart Shaped Balloon Via Makeup.com

Let your heart soar.


Heart Shaped Buttons

Heart Shaped Buttons Via Vintage Buttons - Set of ...

Add a special heart-shaped touch.



Shamrock Via Heart Shaped Green Clover 5x5 ...

When luck is heart-shaped.


Heart Shaped Cloud

Heart Shaped Cloud Via Community Post: 20 Reasons Nature ...

Like only nature can.


Heart-shaped Cactus

Heart-shaped Cactus Via Heart-shaped cactus

How cool is this.


Heart Shaped Rock in Maui

Heart Shaped Rock in Maui Via twitter.com

As if Hawaii isn't beautiful enough.


Cute Animal

Cute Animal Via Zebra Gifts - T-Shirts, Art, ...

What are the chances?


Heart Shaped Puddle

Heart Shaped Puddle Via Magical Wonders...

Take heart that after the storm, there's the sun.


Heart-shaped Pom Pom

Heart-shaped Pom Pom Via zakka life: Craft Project: Heart ...

When isn't the right time for heart-shaped pom poms?


Book of Hours

Book of Hours Via 15th Century BOOK OF HOURS ...

Hearts have been symbolic since year dot. This dates back to the 15th century.


Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Heart Shaped Sunglasses Via keiko lynn: Heartbreaker

Don't you wholeheartedly love these?

So my lovely Stalkers, look around you. What heart-shaped things do you have?

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Put that boik down and guve me a kiss, so cute !!!

Sweet! ❤️😍

This is stunning. My son has an X-ray of his leg with a heart shape bone which broke off. He also burnt his leg on a motorbike which also was in a shape of a heart. Strange right?

Love it

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