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25 Beautiful Examples of Butterfly Art ...

By Rosalina

If you love butterflies as much as I do, you'll love these examples of butterfly art. Butterflies are stunning and are the epitome of 'natural' beauty. It's no wonder therefore that they're celebrated in fashion and art. These examples of butterfly art are sure to make you want to go out and grab some for yourself!

1 Wall Art

Wall ArtVia Paint Sample Art - Butterflies ...
Bring the butterflies from the outside into the home and get some butterfly wall art like this one. I love the colors in this butterfly art.

2 Fruit Fly

Fruit FlyVia
I love food art but I love eating it more! How about getting creative with fruit. I know I would make a total mess of it.


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3 Face Paint

Face PaintVia Butterfly Face Painting examples
This makes me want to throw a face painting party. After all face painting isn't just for the kids!

4 Butterfly Nail Art

Butterfly Nail ArtVia 40 Examples of Elegant Nail ...
If you like nail art then you will love some butterfly inspired nail art like this. It's so pretty.

5 Origami

OrigamiI love this!

6 Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are popular but they tend to be a little more subtle than this one. This is a BIG butterfly tattoo but it is beautiful nevertheless. Would you get one like this?

7 Wall Art

Wall ArtI think this wall art is beautiful.

8 Summer Dress

Summer DressSummer is the time when the clothes are covered in nature-inspired prints, from flowers to birds to butterflies. But my favorite nature-inspired print on clothes has to be the butterfly print and this dress is no exception.

9 Paper Weight

Paper WeightVia Paperweight/Coaster-PWT1010-Butterfly Garden-Joan Baker Designs
We all need paperweights in those windy days and what better way to keep your papers in place than with a butterfly paperweight like this.

10 Earrings

Via Blue Butterfly Earrings - in ...
Butterfly inspired accessories never date and these earrings are beautiful. I need these in an array of colors!

11 Necklace

NecklaceThis is just stunning! Make a statement with a butterfly necklace.

12 Ring

You can never have too many rings. How about a butterfly fluttering on your hand.

13 Vase

VaseHow about some butterfly inspired items in your home. Your flowers would love this vase!

14 Hair Accessories

Flowers in your hair? Go for butterflies instead. Don't wait for the summer.

15 Wedding Cake

Wedding CakeHow about butterflies on your wedding cake?

16 Butterfly Plate

Butterfly PlateVia Shortbread & Ginger: Beautiful Butterfly ...
This is too beautiful to cover with food. Ok, maybe a few cupcakes!

17 Butterfly Cup

Butterfly CupVia Franz Porcelain Butterfly
I would be too afraid to drink from this! Maybe I would just put this one on display.

18 Coffee Table

Coffee TableVia Zanotta 695 Butterfly Coffee Table
If my place was bigger then this would take centre stage in my living room.

19 Mask

Throw a masked ball and use this butterfly mask.

20 Butterfly Pen

Butterfly PenWrite your masterpiece with this butterfly pen.

21 Rug

RugI would never condone walking on butterflies, unless they're printed on a carpet like this and in a room like this!

22 Mirror

MirrorI absolutely adore this mirror. Don't you think it would look fabulous on your wall?

23 Christmas Decorations

Christmas DecorationsVia
These Christmas decorations are wonderful and they would look great on any tree.

24 Butterfly Blanket Chest

Butterfly Blanket ChestThis is a great piece to display in your home.

25 Butterfly Wedding Favors

Butterfly Wedding FavorsVia Butterfly curio box favour [fav0040] ...
If you're looking for wedding favors, then these are sure to impress all the guests.

How about you? Do you love butterfly inspired things as much as me? Which is your favorite?

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