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46 Things That Show the Beauty of Blue ...

By Neecey

There's no doubt blue is beautiful. And it's easy to say because there are so many fabulous shades of blue that begin at the palest duck egg and move up through the shades to the edge of midnight. Do you think blue is beautiful? Let's flick through some blue things and you can decide.

1 Blue Cavern Water

Blue Cavern WaterVia BLUE

Of all things to show blue is beautiful it has to be water.

2 Blue Converse

Blue ConverseVia Alívio Imediato

Everyone needs a pair of blue converse in their life.


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3 Blue Butterfly

Blue ButterflyVia "Red leaf and blue butterfly" ...

Delicate wings in the boldest blue.

4 Blue Flowers

Blue FlowersVia JolisPré - Page 2 sur ...

Blue is one of the least common colors for flowers but when it appears - oh boy!

5 Blue Macaws

Blue MacawsVia Blue Dream

Such an awesome color.

6 Skinny Jeans

Skinny JeansVia

Every girl knows the value of her favorite pair of jeans.

7 Blue Lace

Blue LaceVia Runway Pictures - Fall 2015 ...

The delicacy of lace.

8 Blue Velvet

Blue VelvetVia *** WAISTE ***

And the smoothness of velvet.

9 Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede ShoesVia Modern Foundry Wedding

Don't you step on my blue suede shoes!

10 Peacock

PeacockVia Amazing Scenes

A bird so wonderful a blue color is named after it.

11 Blue Eye Shadow

Blue Eye ShadowVia Cool Things in my Fav ...

There's just something about blue eyes!

12 IPhone Case

IPhone CaseVia

Blue bling for your iPhone.

13 Royal Blue Lace Shorts

Royal Blue Lace ShortsVia The Vogue Fashion: P.S Royal ...

She wears short shorts.

14 Blue Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Blue Manolo Blahnik ShoesVia Blue Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw envy.

15 Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains, AustraliaVia

I'm King of the World!

16 Greece

GreeceVia 蓝精灵

The magic and romance of Santorini.

17 Lady Sings the Blues

Lady Sings the BluesVia

What better to play the blues on than a blue guitar.

18 Chambray

ChambrayVia Building Your Fall Wardrobe {Classic ...

Shouldn't we all have at least one chambray item in our wardrobe?

19 Arm Candy

Arm CandyVia Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...

You can never wear too many blue bracelets.

20 Blue Bag

Blue BagVia #theLIST: The List: Spring Is ...

Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Mulberry ... whichever label as long as it's blue.

21 Jellyfish

JellyfishVia The Weird Girl Paradigm

Even creatures we're not particularly enamored of look beautiful in blue.

22 Blue Luggage

Via Brics Pastel Life Luggage Collection

As Clairee Belcher says in "Steel Magnolias" ... "you know I love you more than my luggage". Who wouldn't if your luggage was from Diana von Furstenburg.

23 Blue Kitchen

Blue KitchenVia Home Decorating

Provence or Greece?

24 Blue Bling

Blue BlingThis is the Chopard Diamond Ring. 9 carats of blue diamond for a cool $16 million.

25 The Blue Boy

The Blue BoyVia

Johnny Depp looking dreamy in blue (as photographed by Annie Liebovitz)

26 The Blue Boy

The Blue BoyVia

And The Blue Boy as painted by Thomas Gainsborough.

27 Glacier Arc, Iceland

Glacier Arc, IcelandVia Spectacular Places: Iceland

Awesome reflection of water on ice.

28 Blue Beauty

Blue BeautyVia Forever♥

Can you ever doubt that blue is beautiful

29 Blue Island

Blue IslandVia 青の間

Maybe it's photoshopped, maybe it's a special night filter. Whichever, it matters not. It's gorgeous.

30 Jodphur, India

Jodphur, IndiaVia All thing's blue!

Jodphur is the blue city.

31 Blue Hair

Blue HairVia Hairstyles to try

Create your own look with hair chalk.

32 Blue Moon Ice Cream

Blue Moon Ice CreamVia Blue Moon - Hudsonville Ice ...

I gotta get me some of that!

33 BLUE Velvet Cupcake

BLUE Velvet CupcakeVia

When red just doesn't cut it.

34 Blue Dusk in Japan

Blue Dusk in JapanVia JapanBlog

We're used to seeing Japan dressed up to the nines in pink cherry blossoms. She looks just as spectacular in blue.

35 Moonlight Surf

Moonlight SurfVia Moonlight surf - high enough ...

Skinny dip anyone?

36 Blue Eyes

Blue EyesVia Color

Who could resist?

37 A Bioluminescent Tide of Plankton at Dusk

A Bioluminescent Tide of Plankton at DuskVia Places

Even plankton chooses blue.

38 Blue Ombré

Blue OmbréVia

Get with the ombré trend

39 Blue Moon ...

Blue Moon ...Via Colored half moon

... you saw me standing alone

40 Cobalt Sky

Cobalt SkyVia Flickr Search: blue

After the storm, Mr. Blue Sky pays a visit.

41 Blue Scarf

Blue ScarfVia

Cheer up a chilly grey day with a blue scarf

42 The Ocean

The OceanVia colors of life

Don't you just want to dive straight in?

43 Just Things Blue

Just Things BlueVia Just Things Blue

You can't draw the sky or water without blue crayons.

44 Blue Chandelier

Blue ChandelierVia HauteLook | Mini Chic Chandeliers: ...

Suffuse your room with blue light.

45 The Big Blue

The Big BlueVia

A movie not to be missed if you love all things blue.


CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUBAnd if you're a Chelsea fan - blue is the color, football is the game, we're all together and winning is our aim...

I didn't need much convincing that blue is beautiful - did you?

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