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46 Things That Show the Power of Purple ...

By Neecey

The power of purple seems obvious when you know its historical link to royalty. When purple was first made as a dye it was very expensive and purple things could only be afforded by the very rich and royalty. Today we can enjoy purple things in all shades from the palest lilac to the deepest almost blackest aubergine.

1 Purple Ombré

Purple Ombré Via Stunning Purple Hair Trend for ...

Of all the purple things, purple ombré is one of the major hair trends of recent times. The stunning graduating color shows purple in all its glory.

2 Lilac Vespa

Lilac Vespa Via SOFT AND LOVELY: Archive

Can you see yourself zipping around the streets of Rome or Paris?

3 Purple Ferrari

Purple Ferrari Via Stuff I Love!!

And when the Vespa isn't appropriate, drive the purple Ferrari instead.

4 Purple Lipstick

Purple Lipstick Via Trend: The Violet Files - ...

A plump purple pout pops with pizzazz.

Aiara very nice!...

5 Purple Throne Chair

Purple Throne Chair Via chair Rentals in Los Angeles ...

Perfect for a princess's dressing room.

6 Purple Bling Ring

Purple Bling Ring Via 10K White Gold Heart Amethyst ...

In the language of crystals, amethyst represents spirituality and calm.

7 Purple Nails

Purple Nails Via OPI Nordic collection swatches

Give your tips a regal touch.

8 Purple Cupcakes

Purple Cupcakes Via Purple Purple

Purple perfection for treats.

9 Purple Make up

Purple Make up Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Purple eye shadow makes your eyes pop.

10 Amethyst Road

Amethyst Road Via MISTERY BLOOM

Mother Nature's paintbrush delivers more than a dash of purple.

11 Purple Tulips

Purple Tulips Via Purple tulips photo print, nature ...

Whose day wouldn't be brightened by the sight of purple tulips?

12 Purple Balloons

Purple Balloons Via Purple

There's always something pretty about purple balloons.

13 Purple Shoes

Purple Shoes Via Shoes

Purple shoes are a matter of taste. If you must wear them, make a statement.

14 Purple Morning

Purple Morning Via Live life colorfully!

Sit on the dock with a mug of coffee and watch the morning fog lift.

15 Purple Door

Purple Door Via what a beautiful purple door ...

Make up your own story about who lives behind the purple door. (And who left the bouquet hanging on the door?)

16 Purple Lake and Trees

Purple Lake and Trees Via Purple

Photoshopped in purple? Probably! Care? No!

17 Purple Cat

Purple Cat Via Katy Perry en México de ...

That Katy Perry sure knows the power of purple.

18 Purple Alliums

Purple Alliums Via How to Grow Alliums, Allium, ...

These deserve their names which is "purple sensation".

19 Purple Comforter

Purple Comforter Via

You know you deserve a bed like this.

20 Purple Birkin

Purple Birkin Via Purple Reigns!

One of life's special purple things.

21 The Meaning of Purple

The Meaning of Purple Reasons to love purple 1, 2, 3.

22 Purple Dress

Purple Dress Via Paarse kanten jurkje op Spot ...

Purple and lace - practically perfect in every way.

23 Purple Watch

Purple Watch Via Lipsy Purple Alloy Watch

Purple arm candy.

24 Purple Smoothie

Purple Smoothie Via Plum Crazy Purple

The power of purple for the body beautiful.

25 Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes Via Sahara.

What a stunner!

26 Purple Rose

Purple Rose Via Tea party

A purple rose signifies enchantment and desire.

27 Purple Colander

Purple Colander Via Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics 5-quart ...

There's no holes in the argument that purple is fabulous. Whatever it is.

Teri not only is it perfectly purple, but those happy f...

28 Purple Grapes

Purple Grapes Via Grape Bunches Portrait by Michael ...

On their way to be made into delicious wine.

29 Purple Earrings

Purple Earrings Via Plum Druzy Studs in Yellow ...

Dress up your ears.

Kelly You don't need anything ELSE....Beautiful........

30 Purple Glitter Iphone Case

Purple Glitter Iphone Case Upstyle your phone

31 Amethyst Heart

Amethyst Heart Via Amethyst Pendant Druzy Heart Dark ...

Declare your love for purple.

32 Purple Umbrella

Purple Umbrella Via Bellafaye Garden

Guaranteed to turn a rainy day frown upside down.

33 Purple Luggage

Purple Luggage Via Online Shopping for Electronics, ...

Feel like a VIP when you travel.

V. where can this be found? Not on amazon....

34 Purple Sunnies

Purple Sunnies Via 2034195

You'll look fab-u-lous dahling!

35 Purple Laptop

Purple Laptop You'll be the envy of everyone.

36 Purple Teddy Bear

Purple Teddy Bear Via Latest Teddy Bear for Kids ...

Some purple things are just simply cute.

37 Purple Lingerie

Purple Lingerie Via 33 Pretty Lingerie Sets

Feel like a million bucks.

38 Eggplants

Eggplants Via Hither and Thither - Our ...

Super delicious and super healthy.

39 Purple Heart

Purple Heart Via The US made enough Purple ...

The nation's military honor.

40 Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields Via Fascinating Places Never to be ...

Supplying the French perfume industry.

41 The Color Purple

The Color Purple Via The 50 Books Everyone Needs ...

A book everyone should read or a movie everyone should see.

42 Barney the Dinosaur

Barney the Dinosaur Via

What kid doesn't want a big hug from Barney?

43 Purple Converse

Purple Converse Via

Life is good when you're walking in purple converse.

44 Purple Butterfly

Purple Butterfly Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Nature's beauty in purple.

45 Blackberries

Blackberries Via Easy Homemade Blackberry Sauce - ...

They might look black but they are very definitely a really deep purple, as you'll see when you get the juice on your hands.

46 The Power of Purple

The Power of Purple So true!

What are your favorite purple things? I'm thinking of Prince in crushed purple velvet, a purple shirt I wore till it fell apart and some purple glitter socks I had as a teenager.

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