47 Amazing Staircases Youll Want to Climb ...

By Neecey

47 Amazing Staircases Youll Want to Climb ...

An amazing staircase adds something special to a property. Staircases can be works of art as well as being the way to get from one floor to another and designs really are incredible. Here are some amazing staircases you'll be quite envious of.

Table of contents:

  1. organic
  2. stenciled stairs
  3. new orleans square disneyland
  4. hang nga guesthouse and gallery in dalat, vietnam
  5. rustic
  6. baron's palace, heliopolis, egypt
  7. glitter staircase
  8. mosaic stairs
  9. sculptural stairway
  10. mansion-styled staircase
  11. tiled stairway
  12. marble stairs
  13. black stairs
  14. glass staircase
  15. triangle stairs
  16. spiral staircase at the musée national gustave moreau in paris
  17. castle-like staircase
  18. abandoned water tower, england
  19. ombré stairs
  20. abandoned stairs
  21. lift stairs
  22. illusion stairs
  23. metal spiral
  24. wooden spiral staircase
  25. twisted bannister stairs
  26. piano key staircase
  27. staircase, the hotel de ville, nancy, france
  28. see-through staircase
  29. copper staircase
  30. floating steps
  31. sheepshead bay
  32. multiple stairs
  33. glass and wood stairs
  34. amazing staircase
  35. white stairs
  36. miracle staircase
  37. black
  38. ribbon staircase
  39. reading room stairs
  40. nam dger apartment, tel aviv, israel
  41. spiral stairs
  42. library staircase
  43. strip staircase
  44. pink spiral
  45. wavy stairs
  46. mansion house, vienna, austria
  47. dale chihuly glasswork

1 Organic

Organic Via Elevated Living

This amazing staircase is made from African mahogany and teak and represents a philodendron plant.

2 Stenciled STAIRS

Stenciled STAIRS Via In this house STAIRS stairway ...

Read messages as you climb.

3 New Orleans Square Disneyland

New Orleans Square Disneyland Via Above the Court

It's no fantasy when you climb the stairs at Disneyland.

4 Hang Nga Guesthouse and Gallery in Dalat, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse and Gallery in Dalat, Vietnam Via Hang Nga’s Crazy House In ...

Tree roots and trunks are sculpted into the organic concrete along with mushrooms, spider webs and portholes.

5 Rustic

Rustic Via Cabin Design Ideas For Inspiration ...

A stunning combination of wood and exposed stone.

6 Baron's Palace, Heliopolis, Egypt

Baron's Palace, Heliopolis, Egypt Via Spiraling Out of Control: The ...

The stairs weave their way through the floors.

7 Glitter Staircase

Glitter Staircase Via 36 Things You Obviously Need ...

That's some bling!

8 Mosaic Stairs

Mosaic Stairs Via How to mosaic stair risers ...

The mosaic is painted on Plexiglas that is then fitted to the risers.

9 Sculptural Stairway

Sculptural Stairway Via Wave "Hello" to the Flowing ...

This Mumbai stairway looks a bit "trippy."

10 Mansion-styled Staircase

Mansion-styled Staircase Via The Staircase As Sculpture - ...

Such an elegant sweep.

11 Tiled Stairway

Tiled Stairway Via Tiled Stairs

There are amazing stairways out of doors too.

12 Marble Stairs

Marble Stairs Via the style saloniste: A World ...

How luxurious is this?

13 Black Stairs

Black Stairs Via House Call: Elizabeth Roberts in ...

What a great treatment of a staircase in an 1860s Brownstone.

14 Glass Staircase

Glass Staircase Via If It's Hip, It's Here: ...

You'll definitely see where you're going on these stairs.

15 Triangle Stairs

Triangle Stairs Via myTrends

I have to admit, though some of these floating staircases look fabulous, I do find them quite a scary idea.

16 Spiral Staircase at the Musée National Gustave Moreau in Paris

Spiral Staircase at the Musée National Gustave Moreau in Paris Via Stairs

An absolutely stunning example of a spiral staircase.

17 Castle-like Staircase

Castle-like Staircase Via Dream Vacation: Ultra-Luxurious Destinations

Do you think Rapunzel is locked away in a room at the top?

18 Abandoned Water Tower, England

Abandoned Water Tower, England Via a gallery of awesome photography ...

Even an abandoned building can have an amazing staircase.

19 Ombré Stairs

Ombré Stairs Even stairs have caught on to the ombré trend.

20 Abandoned Stairs

Abandoned Stairs Via The only way is up.

Imagine how beautiful these stairs would have been before the house was abandoned.

21 Lift Stairs

Lift Stairs Via Now that's what you call ...

A lift to four floors is cleverly built into the spiraling stairs.

22 Illusion Stairs

Illusion Stairs Via Decorating Ideas for Your Home's ...

The monochrome is certainly striking.

23 Metal Spiral

Metal Spiral Via curbly.com

The low rise aspect means a lot of steps have been used to scale a regular height.

24 Wooden Spiral Staircase

Wooden Spiral Staircase Via Wooden Spiral Staircase by Paul ...

This was designed by Frenchman Paul Coudamy.

25 Twisted Bannister Stairs

Twisted Bannister Stairs Via sulia.com

It's quite a climb at bedtime.

26 Piano Key Staircase

Piano Key Staircase Via curbly.com

I'd be happy to "scale" these steps any time (groan).

27 Staircase, the Hotel De Ville, Nancy, France

Staircase, the Hotel De Ville, Nancy, France Via Upstairs Downstairs: The World's Most ...

A grand building deserves a grand staircase.

28 See-through STAIRCASE

See-through STAIRCASE Via Beautiful Staircase of The Plus ...

Swedish minimalist design.

29 Copper Staircase

Copper Staircase Via Visually Striking 3D Perforated Copper ...

Love how the perforated balustrades let the light in.

30 Floating Steps

Floating Steps Via Merdiven Tasarımı - iLgiLi - ...

Another of those examples where you really have to wonder if they're more suited to rock climbers than regular folks.

31 Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay Via Brooklyn's most expensive house - ...

This was Brooklyn's most expensive home in 2012. With features like a heated drive to clear winter snow, you just know it has to have an amazing staircase.

32 Multiple Stairs

Multiple Stairs Via TOP 10 Most Luxurious Hotels ...

Where do they all go?

33 Glass and Wood Stairs

Glass and Wood Stairs Via cdn.freshome.com

The stairs in this Cape Town townhouse are refined and elegant.

34 Amazing Staircase

Amazing Staircase Via Fab Stairs - Design Milk

It looks like the cross section of a flower or seashell.

35 White Stairs

White Stairs Via COTE DE TEXAS: A True ...

The stairs are fairly unremarkable but the shape of the stairwell is awesome.

36 Miracle Staircase

Miracle Staircase Via curbly.com

This staircase is in the Miracle Chapel, Sante Fe, New Mexico. It's called the miracle staircase because it has no support and stands from its own weight and force. A true feat of engineering.

37 Black

Black Via Amazing Spiral Staircases Photography

Another abandoned staircase whose beauty hasn't dimmed over time despite the dilapidation around it.

38 Ribbon Staircase

Ribbon Staircase Via curbly.com

I'm always in awe of the creative brain.

39 Reading Room Stairs

Reading Room Stairs Via Follow my ideal home...

Put a big slouchy armchair nearby and I'm in literary heaven, literally.

40 Nam Dger Apartment, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nam Dger Apartment, Tel Aviv, Israel Via Modern apartment with a sleek ...

Such a striking staircase.

41 Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs Via Staircase From Spain - Street ...

Do you think this looks like bendy piano keys with the white keys missing?

42 Library Staircase

Library Staircase Via Spiraling Out of Control: The ...

A fabulous staircase for a fabulous room.

43 Strip Staircase

Strip Staircase Via 101 moderne Treppen erscheinen als ...

Someone described this as a basket coming unraveled.

44 Pink Spiral

Pink Spiral Via Hot Pink Punch | Apartment ...

Not for everyone but if pink is your thing, go for it.

45 Wavy Stairs

Wavy Stairs Via Interiors Archives - Page 4 ...

This is so sinuous. I love it.

46 Mansion House, Vienna, Austria

Mansion House, Vienna, Austria Via Splendid House of Scientists | ...

They knew how to build amazing staircases back in the 1880s.

47 Dale Chihuly Glasswork

Dale Chihuly Glasswork Via Unbelievable and Incredible Staircase…!!

The focus is on the work of Chihuly - one of the greatest living art glass artists.

Amazing staircases, aren't they? What's the staircase of your dream house like?

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