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Swarovski crystals are the blingiest of bling. Add them to anything and it will sparkle and twinkle. But Swarovski originally started as a glass cutting business and still produces exquisite glass sculptures today that are avidly collected. So there's actually quite an extensive range of items that bear the name of Swarovski and there's tons of stuff that Swarovski crystals have been added to, to make a style or design statement - all beautiful.

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NIKE Run Free 5.0

NIKE Run Free 5.0 Via NIKE run free 5.0 v4 ...
Want some bling to energize your running? Swarovski decorated running shoes will do the trick.


Bridal Heels

Bridal Heels Via Something Blue Lacey bridal shoes ...
Feel like a princess on your very special day.


Ear Sweep

Ear Sweep Via Your #1 Source for Jewelry ...
Feminine and gorgeous.


Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Cup Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Seriously? But, seriously?


Swarovski Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet

Via Swarovski Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal ...
Perfect for your wedding day, or just because you deserve it.


Madison by Michael Kors

Madison by Michael Kors Via ebay.com
Beautiful watch in rose gold


Swarovski Crystal Gown

Swarovski Crystal Gown Via pt.aliexpress.com
Wouldn't you feel like a million bucks?



Converse Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Would you dare wear these on your wedding day?


Swarovski Crystal Choker

Via Swarovski Crystal Choker - Victorian ...
Inspired by antique? This is certainly a statement necklace.


Crystals Case

Crystals Case Via iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S ...
Make your phone even more precious.


Swarovski Crystal Ballerina Shoes

Swarovski Crystal Ballerina Shoes Via 動態時報相片 | via Facebook
I'd like to say these are "on point" but that would just be too corny, wouldn't it?


Rhinestone Dash

Rhinestone Dash Via 99 Blinged-Out Finds
Every journey is fun when your dash is crystal embellished.


Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Cuff Bracelet Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
If you're going to wear a cuff, make it a good one.


Yves Saint Laurent Pump

Yves Saint Laurent Pump Via Items similar to Yves Saint ...
I guess we haven't all got $4,400 to spend on a pair of shoes.


Beautiful Swarovski Bead Dress

Via Michelle Photostream
Swarovski beading makes all the difference.


Swarovski Stair Case

Swarovski Stair Case Via Pearl & Crystal Spiral Mobile/Chandelier
I hope this leads to a special place.


Pink Crystal Heart Mouse

Via Round the edge of no ...
The perfect excuse to spend more time online.


Vintage Telephone

Vintage Telephone Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Cell phones can't compete with this.


Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box Via Frontgate: Outdoor Furniture - Bath ...
Your bling needs to be kept in a blingy box.


Swarovski Crystal Skull Clutch

Swarovski Crystal Skull Clutch Via butlerandwilson.co.uk
Does this appeal to you? I think I'd prefer it with just clear crystals.


Swarovski Crystal Champagne Glasses

Swarovski Crystal Champagne Glasses Via Dream Wedding
Special glasses for a special toast.


Gear Shift Knob

Gear Shift Knob Via ICY Bedazzled Swarovski Crystal GEAR ...
Add some luxury to the interior of your car.


Blinged out Headphones

Blinged out Headphones Via Why Not? Blindingly Shiny Swarovski ...
These will give your ears a treat.


Burlesque Belly Dance Bra

Burlesque Belly Dance Bra Via Swarovski Crystal Drag BURLESQUE Belly ...
I wish I could think of an occasion when I might be able to wear this. However, ...


Glam Bra

Glam Bra Via Glam Sparkle Glitter
I'd be quite happy to wear this for a special date.


Swarovski-embellished Bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne

Swarovski-embellished Bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne Via .
There's just one word to describe this - FAB-U-LOUS


Matthew Williamson Swarovski Crystal-embellished Suede Clutch

Matthew Williamson Swarovski Crystal-embellished Suede Clutch Via net-a-porter.com
If you have a passion for green ...


Swarovski Crystal Corset

Swarovski Crystal Corset Via Wish | Oops
Channel your inner Madonna and get in vogue.


Swarovski Flats

Swarovski Flats Via Bling Swarovski Crystal Comfortable Bridal, ...
Wedding or prom?


Swarovski IPad

Swarovski IPad Via Love it...
This is something special - don't you think?


Swarovski Crystal Heart

Swarovski Crystal Heart Via Crystal Heart Box
This would look good on anyone's vanity.


Swarovski Peacock

Swarovski Peacock Via Swarovski 2013 SCS Peacock
The peacock was added to the family of Swarovski crystal animals in 2013.



Bambi Via Swarovski Crystal Disney Collection, Bambi ...
The Swarovski Disney sculptures are very collectible.


Cinderella Glass Slipper

Cinderella Glass Slipper Via w Swarovski Crystal ~Cinderella Glass ...
A perfect gift from Prince Charming.


Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen Via Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pink Hope, ...
Showing support for breast cancer.


Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Via Holiday
A stunning embalm of Christmas and the perfect advertisement for the beauty of Swarovski.


Pink Rose Evening Bag

Pink Rose Evening Bag Via greatmothersdaygiftideas.com
Delicate, pretty and pleasing to the eye.


Art Deco 1920's Tulle Headpiece

Art Deco 1920's Tulle Headpiece Via Lujon - Crystal Art Deco ...
A passion for vintage.

Is there anything that a bit of Swarovski crystal couldn't lift from dull to fabulous?

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i got a pink white and black swarovski ballpoint pen

Sparkling hill resort near Vernon bc

I'm so that bling ! That's why they call me bling princess at school

My boyfriend gave me jewellery from swarovski just recently, a treasure star pendant and heart pendant necklaces, very tiny but so sweet :)

#11 Firstly, I mean no hate to this comment, I'm just pointing things out. It's 'en pointe' not 'on point'. The 'ballerina' isn't even over the box of the shoe and is pulled back. The ribbons are not tucked in.

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