15 Creative Ways to Display and Organize Your Jewelry ...


15 Creative Ways to Display and Organize Your Jewelry ...
15 Creative Ways to Display and Organize Your Jewelry ...

There are many creative ways to display and organize your jewelry. The methods I have listed here are some of the clever and beautiful ones I've found. If, like me, you don't like your necklaces to turn into frustrating knots of mess, you will find these ways to display and organize your jewelry useful. For those who are looking for some DIY projects to tackle this weekend, these** fun ways to display and organize your jewelry** will hopefully give you some ideas.

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Old Grater

The holes of old graters make for perfect hooks for earrings. This is a fun way to display and organize your jewelry because you can paint the grater any color you want.



Dreamcatcher Okay, how awesome is this? For some reason, making dreamcatchers calms me. It's crazy that I've not considered making a big one for displaying my jewelry.


Old Drawer

If you have a drawer that you're no longer using, you can use it to display and organize your accessories. There are many ways to go about this. You can line the drawer with craft paper, burlap, or fabric. You can also attach hooks and other materials that will make storing your bling easier.


Cutlery Tray

The best thing about cutlery trays will have to be the divisions. Add lining and pretty hooks and you'll have a wonderful display for your jewelry in no time.


Framed Peg Board

Framed Peg Board How cool! If you have lots of bangles, rings, and hoop earrings, this is one of the fantastic**ways for you to display and organize your jewelry**.



A dartboard is perfect for storing your earrings and necklaces, too. You can choose to hang your bling directly or use hooks or pins.


Cabinet Handles and Knobs

Cabinet Handles and Knobs This is definitely one clever way to display and organize your jewelry. And since most of the handles and knobs available today can bescrewed in place, you will have no problem making this jewelry holder.


Dress Form

If you're lucky enough to find one at a thrift store, a dress form covered in fabric can be great for displaying your accessories. You can hang your necklaces from the dress form's neck or pin them all over the body.



Twigs The next time you take a walk, pick up some twigs for your jewelry display. Arrange them in any way you like, paint, hang, and you're done!


Framed Chicken Wire or Screen

This is great for storing your earrings. If you add hooks to the frames, you will be able to display your necklaces and bracelets, too.


Decorative Bowls

Do you love to collect pretty bowls? I do and up until now, I have not found a way to make use of the little bowls I've bought from random thrift shops. If I find a vacant drawer in the bedroom, I'll try to use them fororganizing my rings and earrings.


Framed Doily or Lace

Framed Doily or Lace A doily or lace is fantastic for displaying and organizing your jewelry because of the holes. You can frame the doily like you would with the chicken wire or peg board above or use strips of lace.


Framed doilies or lace are a popular choice for displaying and organizing jewelry due to their delicate and intricate designs. They provide a unique and visually appealing backdrop for showcasing your jewelry collection. Additionally, the holes in the doily or lace make it easy to hang and arrange your pieces in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This DIY method is budget-friendly and allows for customization to fit your personal style. Whether you choose to frame a large doily or use strips of lace, this creative display option is sure to add a touch of charm to your jewelry organization.


Shelf and Knobs

Instead of using cabinet hardware on a plain piece of wodd, you can attach them to a wooden shelf. Once you paint the shelf, you'll have a pretty display for your jewelry.


Wood Trim and Tacks

Wood Trim and Tacks If you have A LOT of necklaces, this is the perfect way for you to display and organize your jewelry. It looks elegant, doesn't it?


Towel Rod and Shower Hooks

So simple and so clever. Steps: install the rod, attach the hooks, and display your accessories!

So there you have amazing ways to display and organize your jewelry. I hope that you find inspiration from these easy DIY projects. If you're confused as to which of these ways to display and organize your jewelry to follow, I apologize. You'll find something that works for you, I'm sure.

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I actually made a framed pegboard ~ similar to the one shown - and it works like a dream... no more tangled necklaces!!!

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