Top 7 Hottest Halloween Costumes for 2017 ...


Top 7 Hottest Halloween Costumes for 2017 ...
Top 7 Hottest Halloween Costumes for 2017 ...

What are the best Halloween costumes for 2017?

With Halloween coming up, it is so much fun to decide on a costume. However, before you pick some random costume, you should look at these seven popular costumes for 2017. This list here will enable you to select one and be as close as possible to the real character while also being trendy and on point. So, here are the best Halloween costumes for 2017.

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Wonder Woman

costume, girl, cosplay, This DC Comics character was the first live action, theatrically released female super hero film in its own name directed by a female in the year 2017, which led to its immense popularity among women.

It has grossed a mind boggling $900 million in world box office revenue and has added to the allure of being an iconic female character. This character gives women inspiration to be independent and spread equality. According to sources, this character is one of the best Halloween costumes for 2017.



swimwear, vacation, trunk, abdomen, summer, A Walt Disney Pictures release in 2016, this animated feature, Moana, depicts the character of an imaginative Polynesian princess, who goes by the same name. She overcomes immense hardship to save her people from a devastating calamity. Throughout her journey, this animated character demonstrated poise and grace.

Grossing nearly $650 million at the world box office, Moana became a huge influence among women who saw the film and jumped to stardom creating a special niche for her. Her courage and adversity symbolizes what many of the fairer sex would like to emulate in their lives.


Pennywise the Clown

face, red, eyebrow, nose, human hair color, It, one of the most popular 2017 horror films, was praised among critics and grossed over $650 million worldwide. The film has a strong storyline, receives excellent reviews, and is one of the highest grossing R-rated films at the box office in 2017.

The movie is a very violent film featuring a vicious clown who terrorizes helpless children. By wearing this costume, you will give the creeps to everyone at this year’s Halloween party.



clothing, fashion model, dress, girl, tights, Eleven, a female character, depicted on the Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” has the power to move objects with her mind. The series is popular and hit the right chords with fans who felt closely related to this introverted character.

This little female lead took the entire series on her shoulder with a very superlative performance that landed the actor with an Emmy nomination. If you love thrillers, science fiction and frozen waffles, then this costume is perfect for you.



pink, purple, hair accessory, fashion accessory, headpiece, This legendary creature with a horn protruding from the forehead is being seen all over the place. Unicorns can be gentle or menacing. Your choice.


Harley Quinn

human hair color, joint, finger, girl, thigh, Harley Quinn is a very popular female villain who appeared on Suicide Squad. Just like her hair, this character depicts amoral behavior. In spite of being portrayed as a villain, she is a fan favorite. If you love her unbalanced attitude and crazy appearance, give it a go for your Halloween costume this year.
All you need is discolored pigtails and a bloody baseball bat.



hair, human hair color, nose, lady, hairstyle, The popular television series, Walking Dead, is horror at its best. When it come to the Walking Dead, the show wouldn’t be where it’s at without Walkers. Anyone who watches this show knows that Walkers are mindless, undead humans who feed off living humans.

To become a Walker, all you would need is make up and a brush. There are tons of step by step YouTube videos on Walker makeup that are helpful.

So, which costume have you picked for Halloween 2017? Do tell in the comments!

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