Couple's Costume Ideas for Halloween He'll Love ...


Couple's Costume Ideas for Halloween He'll Love ...
Couple's Costume Ideas for Halloween He'll Love ...

Halloween is coming! Are you thinking of your costume? Maybe this year you want to do a couples costume? Here are some fab ideas for couple's costumes for Halloween that will make a statement and he won't feel silly wearing.

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Daenerys and Khal Drogo/Jon Snow

Pretty much any Game of Thrones couple will be boyfriend approved. I chose this one because Daenerys is beautiful, caring, and the most badass woman you could be. She has plenty of iconic outfits you can choose from if you're looking to be more conservative or more on the sexy side. The same goes for your man. He can choose to be Khal Drogo if he's ok with flaunting his abs, or he can cover up a little more and be Jon Snow. This also gives you options if you live in somewhere that's cooler around Halloween. One more plus for this option is that it can even be used for a family. Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, so you can dress your kids or pets as dragons.


Fortnite Skins

Is your boyfriend obsessed with Fortnite like every guy out there? If you offer to go as his favorite skins for Halloween, I guarantee you'll see his eyes light up with excitement. There are plenty of female and male characters to pick from, so you have your choice between an easier costume or a more involved one. The default skins are basically army themed and would be an easy, cost effective option. Some other ideas that might involve more work are the Sparkle Specialist, Teknique, Zoey, and Rose Team Leader for a female. For your man, he could go as Warpaint, Skull Trooper, the Reaper, or the Black Knight. If none of these appeal to you, search for Fortnite skins and I'm sure there will be something you love.


Mario and Princess Peach

For more of a throwback for your video game loving boyfriend, you can opt to be Mario and Princess Peach. You'd still get to be a pretty princess and he can feel cool being the man who saves her. Friends can tag along by going as Luigi, Bowser, or Yoshi.


Dexter and His Victim

If you and your boyfriend are a fan of the show Dexter, this couple's costume is a MUST. This is a very cost efficient and easy costume but looks amazing and recognizable. For the victim’s costume, you buy a nude dress or underwear and saran wrap. Have your boyfriend wrap it around you until you look like you're in a dress of saran wrap. Small details that can make this better are red pain for blood spatter on your dress and red nail polish to have bloody nails. For Dexter’s costume, all you need to get him is a long sleeve t-shirt, gloves, and a fake knife.


Forrest Gump and Jenny

Everyone loves Forrest Gump! Your man will get to basically be in normal clothes and you get to dress up like a cute hippy. Something you can do to make sure the costume is recognizable is to bring a box of chocolates. When the chocolates slowly go missing through the night, I promise not to tell anyone. Also, if you have friends that want to tag along, they can easily fit in by going as Lieutenant Dan or Bubba.

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