10 Things Grown Ups Can do This Halloween ...

By Ashlee

10 Things Grown Ups  Can do This Halloween ...

Wondering what you are going to do this Halloween because you are getting older? Are you worried your best Halloween days are behind you? Don't worry you can still have fun as an adult on Halloween! Give these ten things a try!

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Carve Pumpkins

Grab your candles and knives and get creative with decorating your pumpkins. You can have a competition against your friends for which pumpkin looks the best. Or you can come up with a theme for your pumpkins. There are also pumpkin carving kits which work well for complex designs.


Bonfire Parties

With the weather cooling down, warm up around a fire. You can add more to the party with s'mores. This can be a fun thing to do when passing out candy on Halloween night. Add some music and you will have a night to remember.


Adult Theme Parties

Are you too excited for the next Comic-Con that you want to dress up now? That's okay! Hit up consignment stores and piece together your dream costume. There are adult theme parties which you can crash in a costume. Let your creativity flow and have fun



Find do-it-yourself projects online and transform your home for fall. There are many choices which you can pick from. If you need inspiration you can also look in home decor stores. All of your hard work will pay off when you can enjoy your beautiful fall home after a long day at work.


Haunted Houses

Ready to be scared? It's Halloween! Take your friends and family out for a night and check out haunted houses if that's your thing. Many are professionally done. There are even haunted houses which have won awards across the country!

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


Another unique part of Halloween are mazes! This will be another memory for you and your friends. Search your cities to find out where a maze could be located close to you. Mazes can be both in doors and outdoors from corn mazes to mirror mazes. Bring flashlights and your camera for fun fall pictures.


Go to the Mountains

Take a breath, enjoy the fresh air, and the breathtaking views. When you take a trip to the mountains you can hike and see the leaves change colors. This can be a way to reduce your stress and connect more with nature. Make sure you pack a jacket for the cooler weather!


Scary Movie Marathon

Stack the scary movies and pop the popcorn. Turn off the lights and get scared. This can be a great way to see which scary movies your friends like to watch. You may even jump during a scary movie which you have never seen before.



Who doesn't love holiday themed food? Try making some Caramel Apples, Chex Mix, or other traditional treats. Bake with others for fun company. If you really enjoy gift giving put together a basket of goodies for your friends, families, and neighbors.



Several local cities have carnivals going on during the fall. Especially at Halloween when there are families and friends looking to do things together. Find out which activities are at the carnivals and choose which carnival you most want to go to. Or, you can go from place to place during the weeks leading up to Halloween and on Halloween night.

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