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The Spirit Halloween Decoration for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

If you are anything like me, then you will already be counting down the days until Halloween! That special date on October 31st is always one of the most fun and most anticipated holidays of the year, a time when you can not only dress yourself up in a terrifying manner, but also adorn all of your surroundings in the most atmospheric and evocative decorations possible! Come December, your home will be filled with all the traditional Christmas stuff, but during October, that’s when you get crazy! Here is the best Halloween decoration for your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

nose, mouth, clown, art, fictional character, You like to really go all out with the scare factor, so something like a creepy clown chilling at the front door or on the stairs is definitely your ideal kind of decoration!

2 Taurus

pumpkin, halloween, jack o lantern, produce, fruit, You are someone who likes to keep things traditional, so jack-o-lanterns always feature heavily in your Halloween décor. You’re so traditional that you even like to carve your own.

3 Gemini

red, sky, macro photography, atmosphere, close up, You have always been the type of person to celebrate the animals of any given holiday, and Halloween is no exception! Your dream décor is filled with lots of fake bats and scary crows!

4 Cancer

spider web, arachnid, invertebrate, material, arthropod, The more freaked out you can make people the better, and nothing freaks people out more than spiders! You love nothing more than fill your home with fake spider webs to make people jump and look twice!

5 Leo

window, door, flooring, product, Inanimate objects are the things that always freak you out the most in horror movies, so it makes sense that you would want to feature lots of damaged porcelain dolls in your Halloween décor!

6 Virgo

light, darkness, glass, computer wallpaper, midnight, You like to keep things simple and effective, not going too over the top but also evoking a classic vibe. Nothing better for this kind of vibe than a traditional hanging ghost!

7 Libra

black, black and white, monochrome photography, darkness, photography, You like to go one step beyond when it comes to imagination and impressing visitors, so something that moves is definitely on the cards. A coffin with an animated, robotic vampire inside is the way to go!

8 Scorpio

skeleton, black and white, monochrome photography, organism, monochrome, You like to get straight to the point, no messing around. Skeletons are going to be your main source of decoration, because, duh!

9 Sagittarius

purple, pink, violet, fictional character, magenta, You like to think outside the box, so the main feature of your Halloween décor shouldn’t be anything visual, but instead a chilling recording of creepy, diabolical laughter to put guests on edge!

10 Capricorn

blue, landmark, text, darkness, architecture, You really like to get in to the classic traditions of Halloween, so a few fake tombstones around the places will definitely evoke the vibe of the living dead!

11 Aquarius

local food, food, vegetarian food, fruit, produce, You are definitely more in to the candy side of Halloween than the scary side, so candy corn is usually the key component to your decoration!

12 Pisces

nature, moonlight, sky, atmosphere, darkness, You are one of the best signs at setting a particular mood, and in this case it can be done with scary lighting and some ominous dry fog!

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