7 Couples πŸ’‘ Costumes Inspired by πŸ’‘ Classic Halloween πŸŽƒ Films 🎞 ...

Are you looking for couples costumes inspired by classic Halloween movies? You are not alone.

Halloween originated as a celebration of a darker tone. In the last couple of centuries, it as taken a turn for the whimsical and sweet, but to many it is still a time to indulge in the ghastly and strange. Here are seven Halloween costumes for couples who love the spooky holiday just as much as they adore each other. They are sure to be appreciated by those who cringe at the glimpse of the suggestive plug and socket duo and cannot bear the sight of another cutesy cop and criminal pair. These ideas not only cherish the true meaning of Halloween, but also honor some classic films that pay tribute to the horror and magic of the ominous holiday. So get ready for the most fabulous couples costumes inspired by classic Halloween movies that you've ever seen.

1. Frankenstein Monster & Bride

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The first costume is from the oldest film on the list, Bride of Frankenstein. Frankstein’s monster and the bride created just for him, make an eerie and inhuman couple. This one is a total classic and can definitely be done as a DIY with some face paint and threads from a thrift store. This is one of my favorite couples costumes inspired by classic Halloween movies.

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