10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Perfect for Looking Hot ...


10 Best Celebrity  Halloween Costumes Perfect for Looking Hot ...
10 Best Celebrity  Halloween Costumes Perfect for Looking Hot ...

Are you obsessed with dressing like a celeb? Well, me too! That's why I'm here to share the best celebrity Halloween costumes. Since Halloween is almost here, it's time to get your costume together and get ready to win the "best of" costume this year.

I have gathered my top best celebrity Halloween costumes that are just perfect for the big day. Check these out!

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Lauren Conrad as Cruella De Vil

fur, fur clothing, outerwear, textile, girl, Cruella is back stronger than ever. Hide your puppies! This is definitely one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes, don't you think?


Khloe Kardashian as Storm

human hair color, fashion model, latex clothing, long hair, latex, Khloe’s outfit was inspired by the X-Men movie. Do you like it?


Bart Johnson as the Incredibles

costume, fictional character, fun, product, suit actor, This "High School Musical" star got his whole family to dress up the same is he. Indeed, what an incredible squad!


Perrie Edwards as a Mermaid

jewellery, fashion model, fashion accessory, beauty, model, The Little Mix singer had totally stunned with her Halloween costume. What do you think?


Hailee Steinfield as a Skelton

art, psychedelic art, modern art, graphics, mural, Hailee has taken horror to a whole new level!


Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte

clothing, costume, fashion, product, headgear, He’s always a hottie!


Vanessa Hudgens as a Fortune Teller

fashion, girl, tree, plant, goth subculture, Isn’t that too adorable?


Kourtney Kardashian as a Dead Bride

lady, leg, fashion model, costume, joint, Kourtney has blown the minds of her audience with this scary look.


Paris Hilton as Little Red Riding Hood

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, pink, soubrette, Doesn’t she look gorgeous?


Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla as Zombie Twins

clothing, footwear, fashion model, fashion, shoulder, Nightmare before Christmas has never looked so scary!

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