12 Fun Things to do on Your Lunch Break ...


12 Fun Things to do on Your Lunch Break ...
12 Fun Things to do on Your Lunch Break ...

Ever feel like all you do is wake up, go to work, come home and go to bed? Women working a full time job rarely get any time to spend on them and them alone. While it's important to be dedicated and responsible at work, there is one under-utilized hour that you have that has pampering potential. Yes, your lunch break! What you may not realize is that there ARE fun things to do on your lunch break that can help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go! You may have a thousand things on your checklist to accomplish this week, but you can squeeze in a little extra "you" time and not feel a smidge guilty about it. Here's how!

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Take a Stroll

It's proven that exercise can boost your mood and your metabolism so head for the nearest park and take a quick walk! Besides burning a few extra calories, you'll feel invigorated after breathing in some fresh air, seeing some pretty flowers and maybe hearing a child laughing on the swings. And hey, who would turn down an excuse to get out of that stuffy office and enjoy some lovely spring weather for a change!!!


Shopping Spree

Here's a fun thing to do on your lunch break for sure! Head to the nearest drugstore and treat yourself to a new eyeshadow or lipgloss. Indulging may not be something you get to do often-especially if you have children. You don't have to break the bank to buy a new mascara-your old one is getting flaky anyway! So bust out your wallet and spend a few on yourself and then apply it before you head back to work. Feeling beautiful will help you accomplish more throughout the day!


TV Time

Maybe your husband or kids never relinquish the remote or maybe you're too exhausted to watch television by the time you get home at night. Whatever the reason for you missing some crucial, unwinding TV time, it stops here! Catch an episode of Modern family or 30 Rock online while you chow down. Or buy your own mini DVD player to keep in your office and rent your fave TV series reruns at your local library. Friends, Full House, and Everybody Loves Raymond are great for laughs!


Hair Therapy

If you live in a big city, chances are there are hair salons on every corner. Take advantage of this thing and schedule a blowout or a flat iron appointment on your lunch break. You'll have a minute to unwind, plus you'll feel ultimately and luxuriously beautiful as you glide back into the office looking like you just came from a Pantene factory!


Mini Manicure

For a quick pick me up, give yourself a manicure! Choose a bright color that feels like summer or maybe a soft pastel if that's more your taste. It won't take long to file to your nails, rub on some lotion and paint those tips! Follow up with a clear coat for extra long life and then enjoy the extra pop of color in your office the rest of the day! How fun is that on your boring lunch break!


Nap Time

Studies have shown that more than half of working women don't get the right amount of shut eye they need in order to focus and be healthy. You can remedy that by heading to your car for a 20 minute power nap on your lunch break! That's all you really need to feel revved up and energized enough to make it through the day. Use your lunch break to its full advantage!


Learn Something New

Learning a new skill has it's advantages. Besides boosting your confidence, you'll feel totally good about yourself! So here's a fun thing to do on your lunch break: learn a new language! You can download free language podcasts on your iphone! If languages aren't for you, maybe you can take up knitting or sudoku puzzles. You don't need to practice over and over again but a few minutes a day will make a difference.


Mini Massage

Check around to see if any of the spas near your workplace offer 15 minute express rubdowns. You will be surprised at how much a 15 minute massage can reduce tension! On a good day, for some extra fun on your lunch break you can splurge and get a 20 minute massage. See, you feel better already just thinking about it, don't you?


Go on Vacay

Not literally, of course. Your boss still expects you to help with that presentation right after lunch. But as it turns out, you can enjoy planning a vacation just as much as going on it! So research a few places you'd love to visit. Check out websites for attractions in the area and imagine what you would do there. Hey, you could even look at hotel and ticket prices. You gotta start saving up at some point, right?


Get Some Love

Maybe you and your sweetheart work near each other. If so, hop in the car and meet for lunch somewhere! Connecting with each other around your busy workday is important for your relationship and sharing your stress with someone who cares about you will make it that much more easier! Kissing is a GREAT stress reliever! If you don't happen to work near each other, give your Darlin' a call. A little sweet talkin' never hurt anyone!


Go Exploring

Why not use your lunch break to give your eyes something creative to look at? And I don't mean your computer screen. Walk down the street to the library or art gallery or the new little antique store that just opened and browse around. Or check out your local museum that you've never been to. Anything that you don't do often, anything different from your normal routine will stimulate your brain and let your creative juices flow.


Go out to Eat

For once, forget your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Today, you are going to a sit-down cafe and having a proper meal. Something nutritious and yummy! It will be fun, just trust me. And I promise, your sandwich will still be there tomorrow. Well, you have to make it of course, but it WILL be there. No hard feelings!

Sometimes you just need a little something extra to get you through the day. A little extra YOU time, and there is nothing wrong with that! Use your time wisely. These fun things that you can do on your lunch break are definitely things that you will enjoy. Did you find this article to be helpful? Were these good ideas? Would you do these things on your lunch break? Please comment and let me know!

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It's a wonderful article . Never thought that lunch time can be so exciting😀

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