34 Fun Things for Geeks to Drool over ...


Hold on to your seats because there are some fun things for geeks that will send you into paroxysms of delight. Put them on your Christmas gift list or buy them yourself because your life just isn't complete without these fun things for geeks.

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Doctor Who Wall Clock

clock,furniture,wheel,home accessories,decor, Via Doctor Who Wall Clock

Who better to tell you the time but a Time Lord? There are so many brilliant fun things for geeks if your passion is Doctor Who.


Geek Suede Pillow

throw pillow,pillow,furniture,textile,material, Via Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, ...

Declare your geekdom loud and proud from your couch or bed.


Book Geek Quote

Culinary Dropout,text,font,brand,advertising, Via Books are the Best Weapon ...

Double kudos in the Kingdom of Geek 'cos not only is it about books, but it comes from Doctor Who.


Geek Mug

Retro Games,cup,coffee cup,product,espresso, Via Behance

Game over? Hit the play again button!


Video Game Bracelets

bangle,fashion accessory,jewellery,brand,glasses, Fandom fashion.


Star Wars Fork

cutlery,fork,tableware,spoon,hand, Via May The Fork Be With ...

You'll have to fork out a few Daktarin credits to land this.


Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

tree,christmas decoration,FLOO,WDER,tiny, Via Harry Potter Christmas Ornament - ...

It will get you between the Burrow and Hogwarts in a flash. Just in time for the Christmas feast.


Being a Geek ...

text,font,poster,advertising,brand, Via Geek Stuff

Embrace your geekiness. Embrace it!


USB Batman Signal

Batman,product,technology,cameras & optics,electronic device, Via dadcando.com - Making: Pages packed ...

Your very own bat signal. That will save you having the Caped Crusader on speed dial.


Nintendo Bow Tie

fashion accessory,arm,golf club,necktie,steering wheel, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

A gift for your game loving partner!


Darth Vader Mailbox

art,lighting,sculpture,advertising,sign, Via Impressive, Most Impressive: Geektastic Darth ...

How geektastic is this?


Super Mario Piranha Plant Chomper Cuff Earring

face,nose,ear,organ,head, Via Items similar to Original Super ...

Earrings with bite.


Wonder Woman Tank

clothing,t shirt,outerwear,sleeve,font, Via Training to be Wonder Woman ...

Aren't we all? Some of us just need more training than others.


Floppy Disk Coasters

color,red,glass,design,table, Via Floppy Disk Coasters - Rainbow ...

Life is a floppy disk coaster.



stuffed toy,plush,toy,textile,Snorlax, Via 45 Reasons Why We Can't ...

No one will dare poke-u-man if he's asleep on this.


Doctor Who Tattoo

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body, Via Community Post: 50 Fantastic "Doctor ...

So many Doctor Who tattoos, so little skin.


Star Trek Wedding Ring

product,fashion accessory,hand,aeray, Via 11 Fabulously Geeky Wedding Rings

Well, wedding is an enterprise not to be entered into lightly.


Ice Death Star Cubes

man made object,drink,glass, Via Ice Death Star Cubes

Oh my, oh my. Must have, must have.


Star Wars Cell Phones

color,screenshot,brand,gadget, Via thequeenofswag.com

How many phone cases does a Star Wars geek need?


Nerd Coffee Mug

white,coffee cup,cup,mug,drinkware, Via Mug set for couples mugs ...

Share the nerdy love.


Star Wars -Yoda Door Mat -

font,cap,logo,label,WELCOME, Via SALE Welcome you are mat ...

As fab-u-lous this is, I couldn't bring myself to wipe my feet on Yoda. That would be sacrilegious.


Lord of the Rings Signpost

signage,park,trail,sign,The, Via 21 Great Geek Gifts For ...

Turn your garden into Middle Earth.


R2-D2 Coffee Mug

coffee cup,cup,mug,drink,porcelain, Via Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Mug ...

Is this one of the droids you are looking for?


Handmade Geek Chic Pillows

furniture,throw pillow,cushion,font,pillow, Via Handmade Geek Chic Pillows

When being a geek and being able to use a sewing machine is supercool.


2014 GEEK Calendar

poster,album cover,screenshot,GEEK,CALENDAR, Via The Gorgeous 2014 Calendar That ...

I hope we get a 2015 edition.


Light Saber Pens

pen,ball pen,cue stick, Via Star Wars Lightsaber Pens For ...

You can get light saber chopsticks too!


DIY Print and Fold TARDIS,

man made object,product,diagram,POLICE,BOX, Via Print And Fold Dr. Who ...

I wonder if this is bigger on the inside than it looks.


Darth Vader Fire Pit

clothing,lighting,headgear,personal protective equipment,saw, Via Daily Morning Awesomeness (36 Photos)

Doesn't this remind you (rather cruelly) of the fight scene with Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker?


The Avengers Jewelry

Avengers Shield,pendant,jewellery,fashion accessory,locket, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Guaranteed to shield you from attacks on your geekdom


Being a Geek

text,font,brand,emotion,line, Via Geeks

I'm a Nerd! There I said it. I'm a nerd and proud.


Call It out

t shirt,clothing,black,sleeve,font, Via Geek Life | T-Shirts, Tank ...

Send the message to those who simply don't understand.


Glowing Life Bar Necklace

halter,font,chain,fashion accessory,rein, Via Glowing Life Bar Necklace / ...

Not sure when to use your health potion?


Geeky Bras

clothing,brassiere,goggles,product,glasses, Via Things We Saw Today: Actual ...

Which one is your choice?


Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Mugs

coffee cup,cup,mug,product,drinkware, Via Follow SAILOR MOON COLLECTIBLES
Who can argue with how cute these are?

Time to stop salivating! So my geek princesses and queen nerds, what are you hankering after?

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I think

Love the Darth Vader Fire Pit

I love all of this stuff to death!!!

I love all this stuff!

I don't consider myself much of a geek, but some of these items I adore!

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