25 Fun and Festive Christmas Activities ...

Do you look forward to the holiday season and engaging in festive Christmas activities? I certainly do! The holiday music and festive colors are all around us. We are similarly surrounded with the warmth and comfort of family and friends. This time of year is fun and special for many reasons. As you gather with your loved ones (old and new), enjoy your time together. If you need a little help with coming up with a few festive Christmas activities, we have a list of 25 to help you get started.

1. Decorate a Tree

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Decorating for the holiday season is one of the most familiar festive Christmas activities around. If your tree is up and decorated, kudos to you! If it isn’t then break out the tree and ornaments. Old or new, purchased or hand crafted, the source is entirely up to you. One year I decorated my tree with navy blue and silver ornaments and hints of dark pink throughout! It was fun.

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